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Saint Archer Brewing Company’s New Tropical IPA is Coming Soon and Coming In Big

San Diego’s Saint Archer Brewing Company was founded in 2013 and in just two years it became the first craft brewery to be acquired by MillerCoors, an honor to be sure, but a dubious distinction in the eyes of many purists. Don’t judge until you sip, however, and don’t worry: the brewery remains operated as a true craft operation and they produce a slew of superb beers.

Saint Archer, which currently brews 40,000 barrels of beer annually, is noted especially for their IPAs, of which they currently offer four: Hazy IPA, Session IPA, Mosaic IPA, and a regular IPA. (They also make a Pale Ale, alongside other beers like a Blonde Ale, a Mexican lager, and a Raspberry Gose.)

Saint Archer Brewing Company Tropical IPA
Steven John/The Manual

And coming this very month, Saint Archer is adding a new IPA to their vaunted lineup: Tropical IPA. Yiga Miyashiro, director of brewing operations, had this to say about the new beer: “We are very excited about the Tropical IPA. Brewing Tropical IPA with real fruit (mango and passionfruit) has allowed us to enhance the hop characters that Citra and Mosaic give to the beer. We’ve brewed this beer here in San Diego to be crushable. Our hope is that our friends far and wide enjoy it!”

It is with contained glee that we report The Manual as being the first national outlet to have gotten samples of this new beer, which will be available in cans and on tap in all West Coast states and Hawaii and Alaska starting in the coming weeks, with plans for expansion in the coming year.

Saint Archer Brewing Company Tropical IPA
Saint Archer Brewing Company

Tropical IPA is, as the name calls to mind, bursting with fruit flavor. The 70 IBU beer is definitely hoppy, but the  Mosaic, Citra, and Simcoe hops used in the brew are balanced by the use of genuine fruit puree, sourced from mango and passionfruit as previously noted. It is as smooth as a session beer, which is a compliment to the brewers and a warning to the drinkers, as it clocks in at 7% ABV.

The beer has a clear, golden body and a rich bouquet that’s dominated by citrus notes. It finishes clean, begging you to take another sip. If you’re in the Southern CA area, a visit to either of the brewery’s tasting rooms is a fine way to while away an afternoon. If you live out west, then look for the lime green cans. And if not, call a west coast friend and ask them to mail you a can on the sly.

Steven John
Steven John is a writer and journalist living just outside New York City, by way of 12 years in Los Angeles, by way of…
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