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The New June Smart Oven — 12 Functions in One Unit

The June Oven firing up salmon over green beans and rice.
The June Oven firing up salmon over green beans and rice. June Oven

With limited time and countertop space, it’s hard to figure out how to prioritize kitchen appliances. What’s more valuable to you: Reheating, slow-cooking, or dehydrating?

On October 21, the cook-tech company June looks to provide a universal solution with its third-generation June Oven. The 12-in-1 smart appliance claims to be able to air fry, slow cook, grill, dehydrate, broil, bake, proof, roast, toast, warm, and reheat meals with computer precision.

This tech-forward appliance is a Smart convection oven with a streamlined touchscreen interface outside and a high-performance camera inside. The Smart Oven can identify hundreds of foods to start an automatic-cook program. June updated this third generation to make the cooking experience easier and more seamless.

“This new world has created a lifestyle change for many, bringing people back into the kitchen to cook or learn to cook for themselves and loved ones,” co-founder and CEO Matt Van Horn said in a press release. “June is at the forefront of this culinary shift because we take the guesswork out of cooking.”

Each of six heating elements can now be user-controlled, opening up endless cooking possibilities. This includes a rotisserie roaster, a meat/veggie griller, and a stone-fired pizza add-on element. There’s also zone cooking, which enables the in-oven camera to detect where food is placed, focusing heating elements only in those areas to ensure a faster, more energy-efficient cooking prep.

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The new oven looks sharp as well, arriving in high-quality aluminum with added guard rails on the top heating elements, new convection fan motors to reduce vibration and sound, and a new chip to improve connectivity. The June Oven is synced to over 400 Smart recipes created by professional chefs. Use the June app (Apple Store or Google Play) to access these recipes as well as to remotely preheat and adjust cook time and temp from anywhere. You can even keep an eye on what’s cooking with live video and get Smart alerts for mealtimes.

The third-generation June Oven will launch with three bundles ranging from $599 to $999, depending on membership options and add-on accessories like the pizza and grill kit. The June Oven opens for presale on Thursday, Oct. 21.

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