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Our Place Follows Its Always Pan With the Perfect Pot, a Kitchen Essential

A blue Perfect Pot emerging from the oven.
A blue Perfect Pot emerging from the oven. Our Place.

Looking for cookware that’s utilitarian, stylish, and socially conscious? Our Place is following up 2020’s ultra-trendy, nonstick Always Pan with the Perfect Pot.

Following its late-2019 Los Angeles founding from husband and wife team Shiza Shaid (co-founder of the Malala Fund, launching educational initiatives for young women) and cookware and kitchen veteran Amir Tehrani, the nonstick Always Pan delivered on its promise to replace up to eight pieces of kitchen cookware in limited, culturally aware colors (green for Ramadan, red for Chinese New Year, etc.). 

Following the Always Pan’s success, Our Place did not rest on its woke laurels, instead releasing direct-to-consumer items like professional-level knives, a cutting board that doubles as a serving platter, and Full of Pride Mugs, a nod to the LGBTQ+ community that generously funneled 20% of proceeds to the Los Angeles LGBT Center’s Pride Pantry. The Perfect Pot, though, might be the chic kitchenware company’s biggest release yet. 

Designed over the course of a year and half, the Perfect Pot is stuffed with Our Place’s multi-use purpose. It comes equipped with a built-in strainer, a handle that can serve as a spoon rest, a removable roasting rack that doubles as a steamer, a modular lid that lets off steam when you want (and locks it in when you don’t) and an easy pour spout, making it easy to whip up dishes for dinner parties or create prepped meals for the week ahead. 

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The Perfect Pot emerged in part to respond to consumer demand for a larger, oven-ready dish to complement the Always Pan. Featuring the same smart colors and pebbled finish on the outside and Our Place’s exclusive nontoxic, nonstick inside (making cleanup a breeze), the cookware serves as a hip accessory at rest on the stovetop. Oven safe up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit (an advance on the Perfect Pan), you can also use it to fire up baked breads, cakes and crispy roasts.

Beyond its compassionate and considerate stance, what differentiates the Perfect Pot from a standard Dutch oven? As opposed to heavy cast iron, the Perfect Pot weighs in at just 4.3 pounds and is easy to handle even at high temperatures. 

Great for big batch cooking, the Perfect Pot is about the same size as a 5-qt. Dutch oven.  You can tackle anything from chicken roasts to hearty soups, one-pot pastas, and roasted veggies, among other, endless possibilities.

At-home chefs can get Perfect Pots in Blue Salt, Neutral, Nude Steam, Dark Gray Char and the brand’s O.G. Spice. Based on Our Place’s previous releases, you’ll have to act fast. Together the Always Pan and the Perfect Pot replace a collective 16-piece cookware set for $250. Available separately, the Perfect Pot checks in at $165. 

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