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The 10 Best Nontoxic Cookware Items to Add to Your Kitchen

If you’re making steps toward clean living, meaning you’re trying to avoid consuming impurities, choosing non-toxic cookware is a great first step. Non-toxic refers to materials that don’t break down and release toxins when used repeatedly and non-stick coatings that don’t release fumes when exposed to high heat. The most trusted alternatives include cast iron, ceramic coated cookware, glass, stainless steel, and titanium. These materials have low heavy metal compositions, won’t degrade in high temperatures, and are long-lasting. In other words, they won’t melt and leach into your food or the air you breathe.

For a fully toxin-proof home, consider swapping out food containers, cooking utensils, and baking ware for these healthier alternatives as well. Let’s dive right in and help you find safer and more eco-friendly cookware sets.

Best Pre-seasoned Cast Iron set: Bruntmore 8-Piece Set

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Cast iron is known as the top choice for the perfect steak, but it’s also an excellent choice as nontoxic cookware. This 8-piece bundle from Bruntmore comes with three pans, a Double Dutch, a grill pan, a pizza pan, and a chainmail for cleaning your new kitchen additions. It has everything you need for basic and complex recipes on the stove or in the oven, and bonus: You don’t have to season the cast iron surfaces beforehand.

Best Deluxe Cast Iron Brand: Le Creuset 5-Piece Set

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Le Creuset is a household name in cast iron cookware, and its prices reflect its fine craftsmanship. This 5-piece set comprises the brand’s flagship Dutch Oven, lidded saucepan, and open skillet. Available in a deep teal or a bright cerise (cherry), these are family heirlooms in the making. They’re safe for use on different types of stovetops and ovens, thanks to their signature enameled cast iron which is highly impervious to cracking and chipping.

Best Coated Ceramic Set: GreenPan 12-Piece Set

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For a more classic look with glass and metal accents, coated ceramic cookware might be suitable for you. This large set includes a skillet, steamer, casserole pan, saucepan, and two frying pans. GreenPan’s set is hard anodized, meaning the ceramic body’s been strengthened to resist scratches and wear and tear. Additionally, the set comes with three bamboo utensils: a slotted turner, a fork, and a standard turner.

Best Glass Casserole Dish: Pyrex 2-Quart Dish with Lid

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Looking to replace your non-stick coated baking pan? This glass casserole dish with a lid makes cooking, storing, and reheating a breeze. It’s not only suited for baking in a preheated oven, but it’s also microwave- and dishwasher-safe. Some glass brands are prone to holding onto stains and odors, but Pyrex has built an empire around dependable glass cookware and storage, so they’ve got you covered.

Best All-In-One Pan: From Our Place Always Pan

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Looking for a pan that does it all?  Our Place’s cult favorite is its popular non-stick, non-toxic pan that steams, sautés, cooks grains, simmers soups and sauces, and more. It is one of the best multipurpose pans out there and it proudly boasts no PFOAS or PTFES. No more using three or four pans just to get dinner on the table — you can do just about everything in this one pan including using it as a steamer (pictured above).

Best Glass Stovetop Set: Visions 4-Piece Set

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If you want a cookware set you can use on a stove and not just in the oven or microwave, this 4-piece hybrid ceramic-glass set from VISIONS is a viable choice. Slow cook hearty stews in the 2.5-liter pot or heat sauces on low with the 1.5-liter pan. Remove the covers, and the pots double as serving containers for family dinners. In a pinch, these also work as freezer containers and broiler dishes. Talk about a versatile kitchen product!

Best Camping Set: Stanley 10-Piece Set

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Prepare tasty meals on long-term outdoor happenings with this 10-piece set from Stanley. You don’t have to settle for too-salty cup noodles or cold, canned soup anymore with this comprehensive pack. It comes with a stock pot, saucepan, frying pan, cutting board, spatula, and spoon. A great feature is the interlocking handle on each pan and pot, allowing you to take these along without much hassle. When you arrive home from your trip, you can wash them thoroughly in the washing machine instead of scrubbing by hand.

Best Stainless Steel: Cuisinart 14-Piece Set

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Stainless steel has many benefits besides a nontoxic composition, namely that it’s hardy, easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and oven safe. It’s also a sleek metal that looks timeless, which is a plus if you’re more into monochromatic sets instead of typically bright, two-toned materials like ceramic. This 14-piece set from Cuisinart incorporates all the cookware you need for sophisticated dishes: three saucepans, a sauté pan, a casserole dish, a large pot, and a skillet. The tempered glass lids divert heat back to your ingredients, resulting in more flavorful dishes.

Best for Solo Camping: Snow Peak Set

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For solo camping trips, this compact set from Snow Peak is definitely a sensible choice. The two stackable mini pots with flat-folding handles weigh just over 6 ounces, and what’s more, you can store your fuel inside to save precious space in your travel rucksack. It’s also ideal for frequent travelers who might stay in accommodations without a proper kitchen. The set comes with a mesh bag for storage.

Best Titanium Set: T-fal 12-Piece Set

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Similarly priced to the 12-piece ceramic set from GreenPan, this titanium bundle is a fierce competitor. It also boasts 12 cookware and utensil pieces plus a thermo spot indicator — a color-changing surface on the pan that lets you know the exact moment to add your ingredients to the stove. The tempered glass lids on the pots and saucepans provide ventilation, while the silicone handles are easy on the hands.

What are the Unsafe Cooking Materials Found in Cookware?

Unsafe cooking materials include non-stick coating like Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), and Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFA). These chemicals pose a laundry list of potentially devastating effects like cancer, hormone, and reproductive system issues, kidney disease, and other harmful conditions.

Once you have acquired a set of great non-toxic cookware, then you can focus on recipes that include organic and non-processed foods.

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