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Drnxmyth Review: A Handcrafted Subscription of Ready-to-Drink Cocktails

Five hands holding out different flavors of pre-made cocktails.

There’s a glut of ready-to-drink cocktails out there right now. Between a lasting pandemic and a timeless love for convenience, we’ve ushered in a new era for these crack-and-sip beverages.

So, when I was asked to review another startup within the crowded field, I was a bit hesitant and less than excited. I cannot tell you how many RTD options exist that might as well just be overly sweet soda, treated to a bit of hooch. We need to take a step back and recall the main purpose of this endeavor — to create something easy to drink at home that at least comes close to resembling what you’re favorite barkeep might whip up. It’s a big task to match a gifted mixologist’s version of the perfect Boulevardier in a bottle, maybe even Gimlet, let alone the experience of physically sitting in one of the best bars in the land. But so far, I get the feeling we can do better.

Drnxmyth may not have the best name in the category, but what’s in the 200ml bottle is actually pretty impressive. I came away thinking that maybe this genre of drinks does have a chance. The Los Angeles-based company claims to only use fresh, cold-pressed ingredients, never heating a thing or throwing in something synthetic. It’s a very southern California mindset, with freshness and caloric content very much at the fore of the enterprise. It’s also arguably the best version of the RTD cocktail out there so far.

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How it Works

A hand reaching out for a glass of cocktail.

While I sampled a spectrum of flavors through the Full Bar option (a well-curated one, at that), there’s also a subscription angle. Membership is very customizable and there’s an initial discount (currently at 10%) to get going. Essentially, it’s a cafeteria-style setup, wherein you determine which drinks are sent and the frequency they ship out. You can elect to have them show up at your doorstep either weekly, biweekly, every four weeks, or every six weeks.

One of the better subscription perks is the first access to new cocktails. With the Drnxmyth team always soliciting new recipes and staying busy in the research and development sector, this could prove really advantageous for the intrepid imbiber, especially as the company continues to grow. Once you’ve decided on your plan or one-time drinks bundle, it ends up at your house, without too much added waste, save a few cold packs for shipping.

The bottles are equivalent to nearly two cocktails. In other words, each comes with 2.7 ounces of hooch for an overall ABV of 16-17%. They look good, thick textured plastic designed to appear like glass. More importantly, they’re made of post-consumer plastics and are recyclable. In an industry of waste, this is an important element. If you’re not going to be reusing a glass Old Fashioned glass like you would at your favorite bar, you sure as hell should be operating in a way that’s not going to add piles upon piles at the landfill.

For fun, I tried sampling the drink without twisting and mixing, just to see if it was a gimmick. Not recommended. The booze and the added citrus and other ingredients are clearly kept in separate chambers, so the mixing, while a little silly, does serve an important purpose. I guess just embrace it and pretend you’re behind a real bar, shaker tins in hand. Keeping them separate extends the lifespan of the drink too. The company says that if properly cooled in your fridge, they’ll last up to five months.

The Flavors

Bottles of different flavored pre-made cocktails.

There’s a healthy mix of classics and creative spins within the Drnxmyth stable. The margaritas for example, are exceptional — zesty, and well-integrated. The classic version is perfectly briny, thanks to the addition of salt drops (the RTD equivalent of rimming a glass). The Pineapple Jalapeño Margarita is hit with fresh pineapple and jalapeño agave syrup, making for a balanced cocktail that’s equal parts fruity and spicy.

The spirits sourced are of quality, such as Diplomatico Rum and LA Distillery Vodka. And there are some unexpected twists and turns, just like the use of aquafaba in the Clover Club to tie all of the ingredients together. Or, the subtle stone fruit flavors afforded by cherry bark bitters in the excellent Apricot Rye Smash. The Eastside, a gin classic, was so refreshing it was therapeutic. The Ginger Drop, made with Jamaican bitters and a one-two punch of fresh ginger and ginger juice, is as rousing as cocktails come, with nice, baking spice undertones.

Tasting through the lineup, you get the feeling you’re enjoying the work of an all-star cast. It’s like the mixologist equivalent of a supergroup in music, featuring recipes from the likes of Jason Yu, Bad Birdy, Clare Ward, and more. And it’s an ongoing, interactive approach. Home bartenders and industry types are encouraged to submit their recipes, which are then refined and voted on, with the most popular entering the market (and royalties for the creator to enjoy down the road).

The Verdict

Overall, the drinks were very good. They function like true bartender’s concoctions, zippy, fresh, and balanced. It’s suggested to pour them over ice but I found I preferred most straight out of the fridge, poured neat into a glass. However, note that two drinks come in each bottle and the addition of some ice is a nice way to stretch out the experience (and avoid a hangover).

Of the 10 tried, only two left something to be desired. The Strawberry Mojito was a bit too sweet. The mint-infused water offered a nice refreshing splash of green but the strawberry-vanilla syrup overwhelmed things a bit. The Rum Punch, while very flavorful, needed a strain. Bits of coconut swirled around in the drink, which isn’t a huge issue — especially for those who want to know what’s in their drink — but it does dock some points in the presentation and mouthfeel departments. The majority, however, were tasty, driven by thoughtful recipes that never shied away from a nice streak of acidity.

It’s about as close as you’re going to get to what your local watering hole is whipping up in small batches and stuffing into mason jars. And with more drinks being devised and submitted all the time (the Sake Melon Sour looks intriguing), there will only be more to choose from in the future. With the technology side taken care of and an ever-expanding cast of bartenders to source ideas from, the future looks pretty bright for Drnxmyth.

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