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The Best Chicken Recipes You Need To Make

There is no denying the wide range of chicken dishes available or that chicken makes the perfect meal year-round, but there are certain chicken recipes that just go better during the fall and the cooler months of the year. As you know, we love all things chicken and have an entire section on easy chicken recipes.

Chicken breast recipes seem to be the most popular part of the chicken to cook but there is something to be said about those chicken thigh recipes, too! Chicken thighs have just a fantastic flavor, it’s hard to think it’s overlooked. What other more versatile food is there? Chicken can be cooked so many different ways, such as fried, baked, cooked stovetop in a skillet, or in a slow cooker.

Pieces of grilled chicken legs in a grill basket.
Photo by Ekaterina Novitskaya on Unsplash

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Cooking Methods

Before we jump to the recipes that you should be making, let’s discuss a few methods for preparing your chicken dinner outside of the normal stovetop or oven-baked chicken recipes.

Instant Pots

Techniques have really changed over the years. Sure, slow cooker chicken, baked chicken, or even oven fried chicken are tried and true methods but even the technology has changed. You can now cook chicken in an Instant Pot in a fraction of the time it takes to bake, making your easy chicken dinner that much easier.

Air Fryers

If you’re not sold on the Instant Pot, you can also try the air fryer method. The air fryer isn’t as quick as the pressure cooker but it uses less oil or fat making your chicken dinner recipes a bit healthier. Aside from being a healthy cooking option, cleaning up is a snap and usually requires little effort.


Regardless of the time of year, there are some of us who need to grill year-round. It doesn’t matter if you use the more traditional charcoal way, the gas grill method, or even the electric grill. You’re still going to get that wonderful flavor that you just can’t duplicate in an oven (as easy). If you use an air fryer, you can come close but it’s just not the same.

Best Chicken Recipes

The Best Fried Chicken

Fried chicken served on a leaf with a chili.

The trick here is using a cast-iron skillet and double breading the chicken breasts. It’s the crunchiest of the crunchy fried chicken. Eat it plain or grab one a dipping sauce; either way, you won’t be disappointed.

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The Perfect Chicken Soup

White Chicken Chili in a bowl with cilantro garnish.

You don’t have to wait for a cold to enjoy the healing properties of homemade chicken soup. This soup really does warm the soul. You don’t have to settle for the traditional chicken soup either. Mix it up with a couple of these variations.

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Peri-Peri Chicken

Peri peri chicken grilling.

This is a perfect grilled chicken recipe with African and Portuguese origins and a bit of spice. After it is marinated in its spicy vinegar sauce, it’s ready for the red hot coals to get that perfect char.

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Sweet and Crispy Hawaiian Fried Chicken

Garlic chicken Hawaii.

A couple of fried chicken recipes with some unique Asian flavors of fragrant garlic and mochiko. The chicken is marinated in some soy, ginger, and spices to create this sweet and extra crispy chicken. Pair this with some rice and you have yourself a creation of the island’s rich blend of cultures and cuisines.

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Karaage, Japanese Fried Chicken

Japanese Fried Chicken served on a plate.

It’s not your typical chicken recipe but a Japanese favorite made with a sake marinade. It’s also less greasy than the American version but still as delicious. Add some lemon wedges or maybe some Japanese mayonnaise as your dipping sauce.

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Barbecued Cornell Chicken

Barbecued cornell chicken on a grill grate.

This is the perfect grilled chicken recipe that you need to make and was created by a food scientist in 1950. The marinade itself is full of complex flavors that help to season and tenderize the chicken. It’s a grilling must.

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Korean Fried Chicken

Korean Fried Chicken.

Korean fried chicken only became popular during the 1980s and is now a staple turned obsession. Perhaps the best sides for Korean Fried Chicken are an ice-cold beer and some pickled daikon radish.

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Southern-Style Buttermilk Fried Chicken

A hand reaching for a piece of crunchy buttermilk fried chicken.

While we know that fried chicken is the ultimate comfort food, this fried chicken recipe adds a brine to help retain the juiciness of the meat. The thick buttermilk helps the dredge to stick everywhere on the chicken meat.

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We’ve covered some of our favorite chicken recipes so the only problem you should be facing right now is deciding which recipe to start with. We recommend just starting at the beginning and going down the list. Add these to your cooking arsenal and you will not be disappointed.

We do recommend using brine or a marinade when cooking chicken. Not only does it add another level of flavor, but it also adds moisture so your chicken stays extra juicy and doesn’t dry out, shrivel, or get too charred. Brining or marinating your meat can be done in just a few hours before the actual cooking process begins. It will ensure that no matter what recipe you follow, your chicken will come out perfect each and every time.

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