Made in America: Weiss Watch Company

When calling to mind famous watch manufacturing nations, you might conjure images of Switzerland, Germany, and maybe even Japan.

But, America?


We’re not exactly known for being producers of precision instruments or, for that matter, really even being on time. In fact, we haven’t seen an American-made wristwatch (parts and all) since the mid-1800’s.

Enter American watchmaker, Weiss Watch Company, who is working to change all that by becoming the preeminent precision watchmaker in the United States.

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Weiss Watch Company StudioWith the opening of their new supplier division, Pinion Precision Technology, Weiss hopes to be the catalyst for the resurgence of home-grown American watchmaking. Founder and lead watchmaker, Cameron Weiss, spoke about his company’s goal of bringing American manufacturing back into the watch game, explaining, “We’ve created our own proprietary technique for scaling up production efficiently and cost effectively and have designed, engineered, and manufactured the specialized tools and fixtures needed to then manufacture the actual watch components from our Los Angeles studio. It’s a big leap forward for the American watch industry and opens up new opportunities for other companies looking for an American supplier.”

Weiss is currently in talks with a variety of American and European watchmakers to develop new partnerships, bringing American precision craftsmanship to watch brands around the globe. No other American company has been able to achieve this feat and it’s likely no other will for the foreseeable future.

Weiss Watch Company’s first all-american made piece (save the spring and jewels, which are still currently Swiss) is the limited edition American Issue Field Watch, which became available July 4th. Constructed with the newly American-made CAL 1003 movement and milled from 316L stainless steel, with a 42mm diameter, 12.8mm height, and designed with a refined military aesthetic, the American Issue Field Watch’s case is a nod to the look and feel of WWII era precision timepieces.  The dial is machined from naval brass and features a patriotic blue background, silver hands, and hand-painted lettering—all contained in a double-domed sapphire crystal case.  The limited edition watch also sports an open case crystal back, providing a peek at the American-made gold movement within.

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But, American-made at Weiss Watch Company doesn’t end with the instrument.  They’ve also kept it close when it comes to the strap.  Cut from shell cordovan leather and created by Horween, the oldest operating tannery in the United States, this supple burgundy band with tonal stitching is a luxurious and long-lasting compliment to the case.


Retailing at a relatively reasonable $2,500, the American Issue Field Watch is a timeless timepiece, designed with both affordability and posterity in mind.

And what proud papa wouldn’t want to pass this on?

Weiss Watch Company’s American Issue Field Watch begins shipping in late July. They hope to phase in the US-made CAL 1003 movement across their entire collection by fall 2016.

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