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These limited-edition watches are made with actual pieces of the Berlin Wall

There's a quartz and an automatic version

Wind of Change watch face
Col & MacArthur

The masses remember many different moments in history as turning points in the path humans take. Some take us toward destruction, like the development of the atomic bomb, and others take us closer to serenity and peace, like the end of World War II. Some lead to others, some seem isolated, but all create lasting impacts on our collective memory and view of the world. The style and the fashion industry are not immune to those moments and will create garments and entire style trends from them. From WWII-inspired coats and boots to the lasting impact it has on men’s watches with the best field watches and pilot watches.

One of the more recent events that shaped our world today was the end of the Cold War and the way the fall of the Berlin Wall signified a reunification of a Germany ripped apart for half a century. Many industries created their own interpretations of the time, from movies and books to politics and music. Wind of Change by The Scorpions became the anthem by which we celebrated the unification of Germany after years of post-war division. Now, Col & MacArthur offers the Wind of Change watch, which finds a way to remind us all of a time when we overcame division to become united once again.

Man kneeling wearing Wind of Change watch
Col & MacArthur

The Wind of Change watch honors the timeless song

The song’s release coincided with the fall of the Berlin Wall and spoke to both sides of the geopolitical conflict. It symbolized a desire for freedom in the East, a sign of the progression into a new era. To the Western block of the conflict, it represented a hope for a peaceful coexistence, one that seemed on the edge of failure since the fall of Nazi Germany. With a song that hit so hard and helped shape the zeitgeist of a generation, it’s only natural that it gets a moment in the sun with the new watch.

At the three o’clock position sits an authentic string from a guitar The Scorpions played on stage during their 2023 tour. On your wrist will sit an actual instrumental piece used to play the iconic song, collected at the end of every show. This is a truly unique watch experience.

Man wearing Wind of Change watch
Col & MacArthur

The Wind of Change watch remembers the time of unity

The time of the fall of the Berlin Wall was a time of hope when we as a people overcame a half-century of political conflict. While we came together to triumph in WWII, we couldn’t agree on a way to move forward, and the capitalist vs. communist battle began. With Germany caught in the middle, it nearly took us to the brink of nuclear war. When the wall fell, East and West united for the first time in a half-century, filling us all with the hope that we could triumph again.

The Wind of Change watches for men pay tribute to that time as well, with an authentic piece of the Berlin Wall occupying the entire right half of the watch faces. Each piece is entirely unique and reminds you every day that, no matter the conflict, there is always a path to peace and compromise.

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