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These winter boots are the best of the best from Hari Mari this year

A full rundown of Hari Mari boots for winter 2023

Jeremy and Lila Stewart just celebrated the tenth anniversary of their Dallas-based flip-flop company, Hari Mari. Born out of the futile search for comfortable sandals in colors other than the typical black and brown, the married founders who met on a blind date decided to make a change. Now they are offered in Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, J. Crew, and Zappos, making them one of the most popular brands of sandals on the market.

But they didn’t stop with just summer footwear; they realized the same problems exist through all footwear and branched into creating boots as well. Endeavoring to combine the function of a great work boot with the high-quality materials of a luxury fashion boot, their newest crop of men’s boots is perfect for the season. Here are the Hari Mari Boots that would be an ideal addition to any shoe wardrobe. These are the winter boots that will get you through season after season for years to come.

Brown and black Hari Mari Porter boot
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The striking two-tone Porters are the perfect boots to start any list of must-haves, regardless of brand. The striking cap-toe boot can be dressed up or dressed down, as it’s perfect with denim and flannel or chinos and a sport coat. Whether you’re headed on a casual outing or going to a backyard barbeque, these will fit in perfectly. Choose from a solid walnut option or the two-tone mahogany with a dark fabric cutout. Both feature a ridge logo.

Hari Mari Odessa boot
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Chelsea boots are an essential addition to every footwear wardrobe, reaching all the way back to the 1950s English rock scene. Popularized by the Beatles and Rolling Stones, they are the pinnacle of unique style and ease. The lack of laces makes them a quick slip-on that retains the style of a lace-up dress boot or hiking boot. The Odessa from Hari Mari is the perfect mixture between the dress boot and the hiking boot. With leather or suede options, they feature memory foam insoles and crepe-textured outsoles, making them the most comfortable and stylish shoes in your closet. They will be the easiest way to look like John Lennon or Mick Jagger; learning the guitar is up to you.

Hari Mari Canyon Trek II boot
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CanyonTrek II

Hari Mari founders Jeremy and Lila Stewart are travelers, constantly chasing sunsets around the world. That passion bled into their designs, and the CanyonTrek II is a product of that pursuit. These boots provide the comfort and durability to hike to Machu Pichu without the uncomfortable break-in period of most boots. The moccasin toes give them some flare in the front, while the embroidered horizon logo on the back removes any doubt that these boots are made to see the world.

Taupe-colored Hari Mari Adobe boot
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Whether you’re trekking across the globe or from aisle five to six in your local supermarket, the desert boot is the perfect best-of-both-worlds option. The Adobe from Hari Mari is the next in the long line of boots with roots going all the way back to WWII. The genuine suede body and crepe-textured outsoles add grip and traction to timeless style. Few boots in a man’s arsenal bridge the gap between civilian style and military readiness like these beauties.

As you brave winter weather and look forward to when you can don shorts and sandals once again, your feet deserve to continue on in style. These boots will elevate any wardrobe that needs class and timeless elegance. Join the Stewarts as they traverse the world’s landscapes while staying stylish and comfortable.

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