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These Are the Best Men’s Work Boots for Cold Weather

With winter in full swing, you might need to upgrade your work boots to accommodate for the cold and the wet. We’ve put together a list of the best work boots for winter that’ll keep your feet warm and dry all season long. We’ve got boots with soft toes, aluminum, carbon fiber, and steel. These waterproof boots are made from leather, some with insulation, one with GORE-TEX lining, and all of them are up to whatever job you’ve got in front of you.

Whether you work construction, forestry, or just need tough boots for everyday use, these boots will stand up to plenty of wear and tear. Best of all, work boots have stylish leather exteriors and are continually getting more comfortable to wear. So even if you’re just looking for a hearty boot for your daily commute that’ll keep you dry in winter weather, these boots could work for you.

A pair of work boots on a black background.
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Best Men’s Winter Work Boots

Men’s winter work boots need to hold up to the toughest conditions. You need waterproofing, durable materials, and possibly a steel toe. Whether you work outdoors for a living or just have some tough jobs to do around the house, these work boots will hold up to whatever wear and tear you subject them to.

Carhartt Rugged Flex 8-Inch Insulated Composite Toe Work Boot

Carhartt Work Boot on a white background.
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This leather boot has a waterproof, breathable membrane, 400 grams of insulation, an EVA midsole, and a grippy rubber outsole for added traction. A composite toe protects your feet and meets ASTM 2413-18 standards. When choosing men’s winter work boots, these are the kinds of features you want to look for.

Keen Chicago 6-Inch Waterproof Boot Soft Toe

Keen Chicago boot on a white background.
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This cold-weather boot comes from the Portland, Oregon, company Keen. This soft-toe boot is waterproof and has similar cushioning to a running shoe for all-day comfort. Not every job requires a steel toe, and if you don’t need one, you should enjoy the comfort and reduced weight of a soft toe. Additional features of this boot include an EH (electrical hazard) rating, a heat-resistant sole rated up to 575 degrees, and Keen’s ReGAN midsole for added support.

Danner Rain Forest Work Boot

Danner Rain Forest Boots on a white background.
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Don’t Danner boots just look great? Made in the USA, these rugged work boots are perfect for the outdoors. GORE-TEX lining brings waterproof breathability and multi-directional lugs provide support when climbing up, down, or any other way you need to move.

Keen San Jose 6-Inch Waterproof Boot Aluminum Toe

Keen San Jose Boot on a white background.
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These rugged work boots are super light because of an air-injected midsole and an aluminum toe. Aluminum is lighter than steel while still offering protection. Because aluminum looks sleeker than steel, too, these boots strike a nice balance, offering job-site performance and around-town style. And, of course, they’re waterproof, offering protection from rain and snow.

Keen Men’s Philadelphia 6-Inch Insulated Waterproof Boot Carbon-Fiber Toe

Keen Philadelphia Boot on a white background.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

With 400 grams of insulation, these boots will keep your feet warm even on the coldest days. Their carbon-fiber toe, leather upper, waterproof/breathable construction, and their Electrical hazard (EH) or Electric Shock Resistant (ESR) outing will protect you on the job.

Men’s Steel Toe Winter Work Boots

Some jobs just require a steel toe. The work boots are tough as nails and will protect your feet in the toughest conditions.

Timberland PRO 8-Inch Steel Toe Boots 

Timberland Steel Toe Boots on a white background.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Waterproof leather, seam sealing, a steel toe, and anti-fatigue technology will make these boots your go-to for any job.

Danner Steel Yard 8-Inch Steel Toe 400G

Danner Insulated Work Boots on a white background.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Another PNW brand, Danner makes great boots. These work boots have 400 grams of insulation, a steel toe, full-grain leather upper, and waterproofing, making them some of the best men’s cold-weather boots for work.

Benjamin Buckingham
Former Digital Trends Contributor

Ben lives in Portland, Oregon where he works as a freelance writer and outdoor guide.

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