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From Cartier to Tiffany: The best designer bracelets for men

A woman holding the Tiffany Lock.

The best jewelry for men can change drastically depending on your tastes and preferences. However, there are some iconic designs that will always look good on your wrist whatever your regular aesthetic might be. If you’ve worked out your personal style and your essential tips for looking good, pair a classy designer bracelet to your outfit and it’s an instant upgrade.

While the best designer bracelets for men are a highly personal choice, if you don’t know where to begin, we’re here to help. We’ve picked out a handful of the best designer bracelets available right now featuring some of the biggest designer brands around like Tiffany, Cartier, and Versace. Take a look below at our highlights and see what works well for your personal style.

Tiffany Lock

Best for attracting attention

A woman holding the Tiffany Lock.
Pros Cons
Unisex design Quite delicate design
Easy to open and close

The Tiffany Lock has an appealing design that has been inspired by the importance of togetherness and inclusivity. It’s bold and vibrant while being suitable for all genders to wear. This model is crafted in 18k rose and white gold with hand-set diamonds which ensure it stands out from the crowd.

It has an innovative clasp that is designed to echo the functionality of a padlock. While being padlock-themed, it’s much better looking and very easy to open and close. It’s all suitably classy looking with many different colors available if you prefer, such as white gold, along with yellow and white gold.

Tiffany Forge

Best for masculine style

The Tiffany Forge on a white background.
Pros Cons
Chunky iconic design Bold design won’t suit all wrists
Gorgeous looking sterling silver

The Tiffany Forge returns to the classic styling of Tiffany by shaping metal into iconic pieces of jewelry. The Tiffany Forge aims to celebrate the brand’s legacy. It’s crafted in sterling silver with the design being a reimagined chain from past Tiffany bracelets.

The open-link motif is great looking with the idea being that you can wear it on its own or you can choose to mix it in with other bracelets and create a stack that suits your sense of style. Versatility is one of the Tiffany Forge’s strongest features and it’s a subtle yet stylish design.

Tiffany T Square Bracelet

Best for understated class

The Tiffany T Square Bracelet on a white background.
Pros Cons
Attractive design Chunky design
Perfect daily bracelet

The Tiffany T Square Bracelet is perfect if you want a Tiffany bracelet without spending a huge sum of money, so it’s good for adding to your growing collection. Its sterling silver design is quite distinctive with a T shape on the end of each side of the band keeping it secure to your wrist while easily slipped on.

Of course, the T shape reminds you of the Tiffany brand which is a nice understated touch but the main idea is that it reminds us of the connections we may feel rather than see all the time. In particular, that ensures the Tiffany T Square Bracelet is a great gift idea for a friend or loved one.

Cartier Love Bracelet

Best for an iconic look

The Cartier Love bracelet on a white background.

Timeless design
Works with everything

Adjustments need someone’s assistance

Created in New York in 1969, the Cartier Love Bracelet continues to be a timeless design that suits everything you could wear and for every occasion too. It’s available in either a brushed finish or yellow gold so you can find the right style for you. It’s a close-fitting oval bracelet that is composed of two rigid arcs so it looks great.

The downside? It needs to be removed using a special screwdriver which is included, but you’ll need help to open or close it. For many people, that won’t be a big deal but it’s worth thinking about if you plan on taking it off frequently.

Cartier Juste Un Cloud Bracelet

Best for unisex appeal

The Cartier Juste Un Cloud Bracelet on a white background.
Pros Cons
Delicate design Too delicate for some scenarios
Two color choices

The Cartier Juste Un Cloud Bracelet is extremely elegant in a way that has extensive unisex appeal. Also known as the Cartier Nail, its clasp looks a lot like a nail if you were to imagine the classiest-looking nail you’ve ever seen. The bracelet is available in either white gold or pink gold with the surroundings looking great in the pin-like design.

It’s the kind of delicate touch that will suit certain styles but look a little awkward on larger wrists or arms, so it’s worth thinking about that before you commit to it. For those with the right aesthetic though, the Cartier Juste Un Cloud Bracelet looks a delight in an understated yet memorable way.

Alberto Milani Executive 18K Rose Gold Brown Diamonds & Tiger’s Eye Slider Bracelet

Best for bohemian looks

The Alberto Milani Executive 18K Rose Gold Brown Diamonds & Tiger’s Eye Slider Bracelet on a white background.
Alberto Milani
Pros Cons
Distinctive design Suits a night out over a work environment
Easy to use clasp

For something a little different from the average designer bracelet, check out the Alberto Milani Executive 18K Rose Gold Brown Diamonds & Tiger’s Eye Slider Bracelet. It has a bohemian vibe to it that’s usually more reminiscent of a woven fabric bracelet over one full of great jewels. The bracelet has a mixture of tiger’s eye beads with glittering diamond-encrusted anchor chain links and it creates a really memorable style.

The 18K rose gold adds a touch of class while the slider clasp makes it simple to adjust the Alberto Milani Executive 18K Rose Gold Brown Diamonds & Tiger’s Eye Slider Bracelet without needing to gain assistance or use any tools. It’s a perfect upgrade from a much loved but less classy looking fabric bracelet thanks to its distinctive looks.

Versace Greca Quilting Bracelet

Best for inexpensive glitz

The Versace Greca Quilting Bracelet on a white background.
Pros Cons
Classic Versace looks Quite chunky

The Versace Greca Quilting Bracelet is a wide chain-link bracelet with a Medusa stud at the clasp closure. The stud is instantly memorable while the chunkiness of the Versace Greca Quilting Bracelet stands out from the crowd. If you want something that’s highly noticeable, this is perfect but the Versace Greca Quilting Bracelet certainly won’t be for anyone who prefers more subtle jewelry.

The Versace Greca Quilting Bracelet is available in light gold and is a unisex design so it’ll work for any gender. There are many matching styles if you want the full ensemble too.

Versace Medusa Chain Bracelet

Best for classic looks

The Versace Medusa Chain Bracelet on a white background.
Pros Cons
Choice of colors Stands out a lot
Vintage effect

The Versace Medusa Chain Bracelet is pretty eye-catching which may not appeal to everyone, but it oozes Versace style. It incorporates a vintage effect which means the Versace Medusa Chain Bracelet looks older than it is in the antique way that many love.

It has a Guilloché engraved chain Medusa which is the most distinctive part of the bracelet but the chain part of the jewelry is also memorable and perfect for any size wrist. Matching jewelry can also be purchased if you want to complete the ensemble.

Versace 90s Vintage Versace Logo Cuff Bracelet

Best for old-school charm

The Versace 90s Vintage Versace Logo Cuff Bracelet on a white background.
Pros Cons
Retro looks Too bold for some
Eye-catchingly bold

As the name suggests, the Versace 90s Vintage Versace Logo Cuff Bracelet uses a 90s vintage Versace logo engraving to make it a little different from the rest. If you have fond memories of the 1990s or you simply want to go for something you missed out on the first time around, you’ll appreciate the Versace 90s Vintage Versace Logo Cuff Bracelet.

It’s an entirely metal design with the logo the most noticeable part, while the rest of the band is chunky and distinctive. Due to its robust design, you’ll need to be aware of your size needs but this is a suitably low-hassle design.

How we chose these designer bracelets for men

Buying one of the best designer bracelets for men is an important process. We considered a few different things before picking out the bracelets above, and we suggest you do too. Here’s a look at what to think about before investing.

Perhaps the most obvious one is that you really need to think about your sense of style. Like clothing, jewelry is a very personal choice and a style that works for one person might not appeal to another one. Think carefully about if you want something quite subtle or if you want a bracelet that draws attention. There are no wrong answers here but you should be true to yourself as you weigh things up.

From there, think about what brands you like the most. Again, it’s a personal thing but we all have our favorite designer labels which make us lean in that direction. We aren’t judging and that even goes for if you decide to go for a cheaper model.

Talking of money, don’t be afraid to spend more. Generally, the more you spend, the better quality the materials, and a bracelet is likely to be something that you’ll want to keep for a long time, particularly if it’s for a gift. On the other hand, if you’re layering bracelets, it can be a smart move to spread the cost out a little, with maybe a deep investment to the main piece like the Tiffany Lock.

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