11 Best Men’s No-Show Socks to Keep Feet Happy and Stink-free

best mens no show socks

It’s the dog days of summer, and, in the ongoing effort to stay as cool as possible, one of the first layers we lose is our socks. It’s one less place to hold in heat, and most of us (even if our legs aren’t in the best shape) can work a sexy, tanned ankle. Problem is, not only can wearing something like stiff, lace-up Oxfords without protection result in some seriously painful blisters, it can also mean that those expensive Italian loafers will end up stinking like the garbage can you’ll be tossing them into.

Enter the true joy of no-show socks. They provide a nice cushion between your shoes and your feet, as well as varying degrees of washable protection from sweat, dirt, and stank. There’s also a great range of styles, from performance fibers and technical features to expressive, whimsical styles. Here are the best men’s no-show socks we could find.

Darn Tough Vermont Topless Stripe No-Show Hidden Light – $14
darn tough no show socks

Darn Tough socks are made in Vermont from ethically sourced Merino wool, so you can feel good about using one of nature’s performance fibers: the moisture-wicking Merino feels cool in the summer, warm in the winter. These socks have been tested by Darn Tough’s team of skiers, bikers, runners, etc., in Vermont, the most unforgiving climate in the lower 48 (as the brand puts it).

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Ministry of Supply Atlas No-Show Sock – $15
ministry of supply atlas

Think that cup of joe in your hand is only great for keeping you alert? These “body-mapped” socks have coffee infused into the yarn to help keep your feet fresh — and they dry twice as fast as cotton.

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Uniqlo Low-Cut Socks – $4
uniqlo no show socks

The ultimate stocking for stocking up, these no-shows are a bargain and available in six colors. Save even more with a pack of three for $10 and revel in Japanese efficiency. Other styles, including some with a comfy pile footbed, a little more cuff, and other patterns, are also available in that price range.

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Feetures Everyday Hidden Stripe – $14
feetures everyday no show socks

Since the whole point is to not see these socks, why do we feel like they need a little extra decoration? We like these striped socks because they provide a little flash of color and pattern when your toes do finally sneak out of your shoes. They’re made of iWick-spun polyester fibers for superior moisture management, durability, and all-season comfort. They are also available in a solid model for the true minimalist in all of us.

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Pact No-See-Um Socks Two-Pack – $13
pact no shows sock

Pact is all about utilizing organic cotton and Fair Trade-certified factories, as well as skipping toxic dyes and pesticides The company incorporates durable, organic cotton yarn and a silicone, non-slip heel into these classic no-show socks.

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Foot Cardigan Floater No-Shows – $12
foot cardigan floaters

Because summer, OK? It’s time to kick back and celebrate your mad pool skills. And if you go through a lot of socks, Foot Cardigan offers a subscription box for no-shows, slipping in some style with your daily pile of bills and making mail fun again,

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Gekks Closet Pack – $32
gekks no show socks

Gekks has a classic family business and Kickstarter story, but the product is anything but classic. Not exactly a sock, Gekks function more like a shoe liner, utilizing a patented fastening system (kind of like Post-It’s for your feet). Anti-microbial yarns eliminate that afore-mentioned sockless stench. One pair is designed for sneakers or lace-up shoes, the other for loafers.

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Mack Weldon No-Show Sock – $16.50
mack weldon no show socks

We know Mack Weldon for its super-soft performance underwear and clothing (not to mention those ingenious accessories). The brand’s no-show sock collection ups the ante. Two additional styles — “atheltic” and “invisible” — incorporate silver for its anti-odor proclivities.

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Bombas Cushioned No-Show Sock 12-Pak – $115
bombas no show socks

If you like your socks with a side order of inspiration, Bombas is for you. Taking its name from the Latin for bumblebee, Bombas’ “bee better” message is literally knit into every pair. To add some honey to that dictum, the brand also donates a pair of socks to a homeless shelter for every pair sold. Do some good while doing some good to your wallet — right now, save up to 15 percent on Bombas’ mixed packs.

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Pair of Thieves Cliff No-Show Socks – $10
pair of thieves no show socks

Dedicated to stylish design as well as high performance, the team at Pair of Thieves claims to have created the most perfect no-show sock on the planet. Invisible, grippy, and breathable, Pair’s no-shows incorporate moisture-wicking and odor-resistant properties with a performance cotton blend. The brand also features unexpected patterns and colors. When you’re ready to wear socks you can actually see, the Dad + Kid collection is pretty hard to pass up for those of you whose kids are a chip off the old style block.

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Boody Hidden Sock – $8
boody no show socks

There’s just something about a product involving “Hidden” and “Boody” that makes us want to yell, “Aargh, matey.” For now, we’ll leave that to the Pirates of the Caribbean. This final entry to our no-show sock story incorporates sustainable bamboo viscose for a super-soft sock that’s good for you and the planet.

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If you want to ditch the socks entirely, check out some of our favorite sandals of the season.

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