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The 15 Best Clothing Subscription Boxes for Men in 2020

For guys who don’t want to risk their health by shopping at brick-and-mortar stores, but still want to consistently upgrade their wardrobe, a men’s clothing subscription box and styling service may be for them. Though the formula differs slightly from brand to brand, it usually starts with a quick style questionnaire, after which you’ll begin receiving monthly packages filled to the brim with new garment goodies. It’s kind of like your dad’s monthly cheese subscription, but way more fashionable.

Nowadays, there are dozens of different box services available online, which can make choosing the right one a bit of a pickle. But never fear! We’re breaking down some of the best clothing subscription boxes for men below to give you a head start.


Subscription Box

Stance — which is known for its cool West Coast aesthetic — has a cult following for a reason. Not only does the brand make some of the most comfortable socks and underwear, but it also produces podcasts and blog posts to let you to stay up to date on trending pop culture topics, from sports to entertainment and more. First, you’ll choose a customized plan and answer a few easy questions about your hobbies so the styling team can learn more about your tastes. Then, they will send you a curated box each month or quarter. The brand even has a podcast called The Craziest Day of my Life where they interview pro athletes, musicians, and tastemakers who all love the brand.

Price Range: Starts at $19/month with free shipping.

Rules: You choose a monthly or quarterly membership and can be as involved in the selection process as you want to be. Cancel or skip a shipment at any time.

Gentlemen’s Box

Gentleman's Box

This subscription service is for the dapper man who appreciates a great suit, but is constantly looking to update and coordinate his accessories. A subscriber will receive up to six fashion and lifestyle accessories to elevate his style game, and products range from socks to ties, headphones, watches, cuff links, and more. The best part is that the items in each box coordinate, so you don’t have to worry about your ties matching your socks. The subscription starts at $29 a month; however, you can upgrade to premium and receive a new box each quarter for $100, which gets you up to five luxury goods, catered to each season.

Price Range: $29 per month and $100 per quarter

Rules: You get to keep all the items with a surprise each month.

Sprezza Box

Sprezza Box

With Sprezza Box, you get four to five fashion and lifestyle accessories (think: ties, socks, pocket squares, wine stoppers, etc.), plus one grooming product every month, chosen by a professional stylist. The brand even has a groomsmen shop, where you can customize wedding packages and accessories for your big day.

Price Range: Starts at $20 a month when you commit to a year.

Rules: Cancel the ongoing monthly plan at any time.


ThreadLab is for the conscious consumer. In addition to providing you with sustainable clothing items each month, ThreadLab also aims to educate and build awareness around eco-friendly apparel. In its “get to know you quiz” you will check off the causes you care about and the brand will match you with products that align with your values. The Boston-based company also uses a marketplace model that ships all products directly from its eco-friendly partners’ warehouses to reduce carbon emissions. ThreadLab features basic, casual, and contemporary clothing.

Price Range: Starts at $99 per month for the Starter Kit, $149 for The Essentials Kit, and $499 for the Full Kit.

Rules: You can preview and edit your order before it ships and can return items at any time within one year of purchasing.

Amazon Prime Wardrobe

Prime Wardrobe from Amazon brings the fitting room directly to your home. It lets you choose up to eight items of clothing, shoes, and accessories and enjoy a 7-day try-on period. You will only be charged for the items you decide to keep. This is exclusively available to anyone with Amazon Prime, and you can upgrade to Personal Shopper by Prime Wardrobe for only $5 a month. After answering a few questions, a professional shopper will choose pieces from thousands of brands to fit your taste and budget for any occasion. You get to preview the items before they ship and enjoy that same try-on period. You can even customize a styling request for special occasion help.

Price Range: Price per item, and the personal shopper fee is $5 a month.

Rules: Returns are free and easy with a prepaid label. You can cancel at any time. Personal Shopper is only available on mobile devices.

Stitch Fix


Stitch Fix is a great fit for those guys who want to bolster their wardrobes with some solid everyday essentials. With items ranging from tailored suit separates to performance wear, overcoats, and even boots, this service has something to fill nearly every proverbial hole in your closet. We especially like Stitch Fix because you can 1) indicate the price range you’re most comfortable working with and 2) schedule your deliveries at your own pace. No forced monthly subscriptions here!

Price range: Can be adjusted based on your preferences, but the average item costs around $55.

Rules: Keep what you like, return what you don’t. There’s a $20 styling fee automatically applied toward any item you keep.

Trunk Club

Trunk Club

For something a bit more high-end, consider Trunk Club, a subscription service powered by Nordstrom. With access to this fashion-forward inventory, TC could be a real hit for those gents looking to up their style game, whether with wardrobe staples (like t-shirts, jeans, button-ups, and more) or dressier garments (sportcoats, dress boots, and workwear essentials). Get the ball rolling by filling out an online style profile and then having a personal chat with your new stylist BFF.

Price range: Everyday essentials run from $25-$300 with fancier duds starting at around $200 per item.

Rules: Keep what you like, return what you don’t. A $25 styling fee is automatically applied to your final purchase.



With a highly curated selection of rugged yet quirky sweaters, pants, dress shirts, socks, and other accessories, Bombfell could be a fantastic go-to for guys with an already pretty well-developed sense of style. Think city slicker meets outdoorsman meets cozy comfort. After taking an online quiz and chatting with your stylist, you’ll get sent one to five items a month. You’ll then have seven days to decide if you like the selections; if not, send them back and get ready for your next package!

Price range: Bombfell says an average item costs around $85 and estimates that the total for keeping a four-item box would be about $350.

Rules: Keep what you like, return what you don’t. A $20 styling fee is automatically applied at purchase.

Menlo Club

Menlo Club

Menlo Club (formerly Five Four club) is a membership-based styling service. What this means is that unlike other options on this list, you’re paying a monthly membership fee as opposed to paying for individual items that you’d like to keep. As a member, you’ll receive two to three items per month and are guaranteed to receive New Republic footwear, Grand AC athleisure wear, and Five Four contemporary wear over the course of the year. The smaller number of items (and lower price point) could make this a solid pick for guys more interested in rounding out their wardrobe than supplementing it with all new clothing.

Price Range: Membership is $60 a month, so there’s no buying individual items. You can also pause your membership for up to three months at a time.

Rules: Pay the membership fee and enjoy two to three items per month. Beyond that, no rules!

Frank and Oak Club

Frank and Oak Club

Founded in 2012 as a sustainable clothing line, Canada-based Frank and Oak has since grown into a popular style destination for fashion-forward guys. While the brand’s collection of contemporary essentials deserves a nod all its own, we’re especially excited about its new clothing subscription service. Fans of the company (or even new devotees) need simply fill out a style questionnaire to start receiving monthly items curated from the site. And don’t worry, this subscription service is a hop on/hop off deal, so you can stop receiving clothes whenever you’d like!

Price Range: Items range in price from $29-$149.

Rules: Keep what you like, return what you don’t. A $25 styling fee is applied to all total returns.

Trendy Butler

Trendy Butler

Featuring a diverse array of bold patterns, bright colors, and edgy designs, Trendy Butler could be a fantastic subscription service for those guys looking to add some flair to their closets. A $65-per-month membership fee gets you access to a delivery of two to three accessories every 30 days, which you can either keep or return at no extra cost to you. We also like that you can select different types of boxes depending on your mood for the month, ranging from the Confident Box (perhaps outfitted with a cheeky Hawaiian shirt) to the Work Hard, Play Hard box (filled with things like rugged jeans and comfortable hoodies).

Price Range: $65 a month membership fee, so no need to pay per item!

Rules: Pay the fee and enjoy two to three items a month, which you can either keep or return.



Specializing in streetwear for guys with a taste for on-trend fashions, Threadbeast is another fabulous pay-per-month option. Unlike some of the others we’ve seen on this list, however, membership is tiered, so you can select the plan that’s right for you. The Basic Plan gets you two to three items; the Essential Plan comes with four to five (including a variety of tops, bottoms, and accessories); the Premium nets you six to seven items (including tops, bottoms, and accessories as well as premium denim and outerwear); and the Baller Plan, which comes with a whopping nine to 11 different items, including a pair of shoes with every package.

Price Range: The prices get steeper as you move from the Basic ($55/month) to the Essential ($85) to the Premium ($135) and finally to the Baller ($250).

Rules: Pay the membership fee of your choice and enjoy the items! No other rules.

Basic Man

Basic Man

Enjoy shopping for new shirts, jackets, pants, and shoes, but can’t stand stocking up on basic essentials? Then Basic Man is the subscription service for you. For just $20, Basic Man will send you the same three items every month: a t-shirt, boxer briefs, and socks in various neutral colors. If it sounds simple, that’s because it is.

Price Range: A monthly subscription costs $20, with no additional item or return fees.

Rules: Pay the membership fee and get ready for some recurring basics!

Watch Gang

Watch Gang

For those on the prowl for some killer accessories, Watch Gang could be an excellent subscription service. Starting at just $29, you’ll be able to snag a high-quality watch, said to be valued at around $150. While you’ll be able to get some pretty nice timepieces at this price point, those looking to get some fancier watches can jump up to either the Black or Platinum membership tiers. And the greatest part? You get to keep all the watches!

Price Range: There are three different plans: Original ($29/month, watches worth up to $150), Black ($99/month, watches worth up to $500), and Platinum ($299/month, watches worth up to $1,500).

Rules: Select your tier and enjoy your watches!



As the name suggests, ArmourBox is Under Armour’s very own subscription box service. That means every monthly package comes with a curated selection of the brand’s workout gear, which you can either keep or return based on your preferences. What’s cool about this service is that the clothing is selected based on your fitness goals (just getting started, looking to improve), where you workout (gym, studio, outdoors, home), as well as what kinds of activities you like (tennis, golf, boxing, etc.).

Price Range: Since the box is packed with Under Armour products, they cost as much as they would coming from the store ($-$$).

Rules: Keep what you like, return what you don’t!

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