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7 Best Lightweight Shirts for Men this 2022

The ever-shifting demands of seasonal style call for gear that passes muster, and that’s perhaps no more critical than when it comes to the layer that’s closest to your skin. We’re talking, of course, about equipping yourself with a lightweight shirt for a new season. Go with versatile, lightweight shirts that will have you ready for anything. From oxfords to flannels and overshirts, our favorite shirt selections are made with tough yet lightweight fabrics—with many of them being sustainable in nature. And, of course, they all come in great patterns and colors. So, recycle some of those grizzly shirts that have worn out their welcome. Your seasonal wardrobe upgrade starts now.

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Best Design: Roark Fes Indigo Dyed Shirt

Indigo Shirt

Roark breathes new life into this lightweight flannel by using soft 100% organic cotton flannel and a jacquard weaving process. Couple it with a vintage indigo dye that only looks better with time, and you’ve got a shirt that’s perfect for those road trips.

Most Environmentally Friendly: Outerknown Rambler Shirt

Rambler Shirt

Kelly Slater and John Moore’s ethical clothing brand Outerknown makes quality garments with environmentally-friendly materials. This shirt is just one of many examples of what they can do. The Rambler is 100% cotton twill, ensuring a premium piece that only gets better with age.

Best Western Shirt: Flint and Tinder Rodeo Snap Shirt

FT Shirt

Just like how every individual needs a good linen shirt, they also need a trusted western shirt. This Chambray long-sleeve from Flint and Tinder has a subtle resemblance to denim, but it’s lighter and softer to the touch. And remember, you can take the cowboy out of the rodeo, but you can’t take the rodeo out the cowboy.

Most Comfortable: Wills Wrinkle-Free Linen Shirt

Wills Linen Shirt

What would a wardrobe be without a trusted linen shirt? Incredibly comfortable and cool, this Wills button-up will hold shape and limit wrinkles — ideal for those on-the-go hot nights.

Other Great Lightweight Shirts

Taylor Stitch The California in Midnight Slub

Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch is one of the best when it comes to creating the right fit for its wearers. The California is known for its signature collar and soft, washed feel — a great changeup to the stereotypical warm-weather shirt.

REI C0-op Sahara Solid Long-Sleeve Shirt

REI Burlap Shirt

Affordable, tough, and protective against the sun, this Sahara shirt is for the adventurer who likes to roll up their sleeves. It features moisture-wicking technology and a vented back. It can also bee worn as a light shirt jacket if you go a size bigger.

Billy Reid Denim Shirt

Billy Reid Denim Shirt

If ever you’ve shopped Billy Reid, you know the all-American designer makes gear that’s as good as it gets — and that includes a pleasingly durable denim shirt to wear to your favorite brewery or coffee shop.

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