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The 10 Best Cowboy Boots for Men to Buy Now

Image used with permission by copyright holder

You might think you’ve already got all your bases covered and protected as far as a well-stocked variety of the best men’s shoes, and while that may be true to some extent, we’re here to tell you that you can always add another pair or two (or more) to your collection. But what exactly are the coolest footwear upgrade to wear alongside the best men’s clothing brands? That’d be a pair of the best cowboy boots for men, what with their rough-and-tumble roots plus a modern blend of flair and standout style.

Image the best cowboy boots as a sort of hybrid pair, situated in between, say, the best combat boots and the best dress boots for men. They are essentially both when styled correctly, and plenty of tried-and-true companies are producing some seriously cool cowboy boots designs nowadays, often using the same methods they’ve used for decades. You’re also in luck when it comes to the best American-made boot brands as they’re taking advantage of their Western heritage to help you get the job done on your footwear quest. Saddle up and come along for the ride, because our picks for the best cowboy boots are sure to wet your whistle.

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Ariat Double Down Western Boots

Ariat Double Down Western Boot on a white background.

Where else to go in your search for the best cowboy boots for men than Ariat, a brand with loads of heritage and history when it comes to getting the style precisely correct?

Rhodes Footwear Roper Boots

Rhodes Footwear Roper Boot on a white background.

Rhodes Footwear already makes some of the finest dress boots on the market, so it only makes sense that the brand would expand a little further into some seriously cool Western boots that you can also rock with tailored trousers as easily as slim black denim.

Tecovas Johnny Suede Cowboy Boots

Tecovas Johnny Suede Cowboy Boot on a white background.

Your cowboy boots here take a page from your Chelsea boots playbook, using refined suede to take these rugged boots to the next level as far as style and comfort.

Frye Austin Zip Boots

FRYE Austin Zip Boot on a white background.

Consider these a classed-up take on cowboy boots, with a slightly lower cut, a sleeker profile, and of course, that cool side-zip detailing. Wear these with slim black jeans and an indigo denim jacket for sharp-as-heck style.

Laredo Lodi Western Boots

Laredo Lodi Western Boot on a white background.

With a name like Laredo, you’d figure these tough Western boots have to pass muster as far as your search for the best cowboy boots for men is concerned, right? Well, you’re spot-on about that, partner. You can’t top the affordable price for these boots, either.

Dan Post Milwaukee Western Boots

Dan Post Milwaukee Western Boot on a white background.

Hark back to the old days with these rough-and-tumble Western boots, the sort of cowboy boots that are going to look excellent with slim blue jeans, light wash denim or even inky black chinos in equal measure.

Durango Rebel Frontier Western Boots

Durango Rebel Frontier Western Boot on a white background.

These fittingly named cowboy boots are tough as nails and ready to wear with slim grey denim or inky blue selvedge jeans, a favorite henley, and a shearling leather jacket for cozy, comfortable, sharp style. Trust us on that.

J.B. Dillon Gibson Men’s Western Boots

J.B. Dillon Gibson Men's Western Boot on a white background.
J.B. Dillon

J.B. Dillon recently started selling its lauded and highly covetable cowboy boots online, and in a wide variety of ethically sourced leathers, too. These Western boots are eye-catching and more versatile than you might think.

$280 from J.B. Dillon

Wolverine Rancher Work Boots

Wolverine Rancher Work Boot on a white background.

Are these your traditional sort of cowboy boots? Not quite, and that’s OK, seeing as they’ve got a reinforced steel toe and all the right specs to become your new favorite pair of work boots. Yet, they also harness classic Western boot style, and that makes ’em a winner in our book.

Tecovas The Knox

Tecovas The Knox on a gray background.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Designed and produced to give you the best comfort, The Knox is Tecovas’ first wedge sole roper, which guarantees the best performance despite its handsomely rugged look.

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