The 7 Best Beach Towels for Your Next Shore Day

Outlier Grid Linen Towel

Summer’s right around the corner, so it’s time to get your beach gear in order, starting with the perfect towel. True, it’s not the sexiest item on the beach day checklist, but there’s no denying it can make or break an afternoon out by the water. And how? Well, a fantastic towel not only dries you off with ease, but is also fluffy, large enough to lounge on, and protects you from the elements without dragging those elements into your tote (or even worse — car). And a bad towel… well… that’s just one big ol’ wet, sandy mess.

So, to get the full scoop on the only towels worth buying this season, take a peek at our picks below.

The 7 Best Beach Towels for Summer

Rumpl Shammy Travel  Towel
Rumpl Shammy Towel

On the prowl for a travel towel? Well then you should definitely check out the Shammy towel from Rumpl. Lightweight and highly portable, this compact option is packed with a ton of functional features, including odor and stain resistance, total moisture absorption, and quick dry tech. Maybe not big enough for a full lounge, but definitely useful for more intense outdoor adventures.

Sandusa Beach Towel Monterey Grande
Sandusa Beach Towel

Though the Sandusa towel may at first glance seem like a typical beach accessory, it’s anything but ordinary. Built with a double-layer of soft cotton on one side and waterproof padding on the other, this towel is guaranteed to stay dry and sand-free no matter how long you lounge on the beach.

Tesalate Into the Wild Towel for Two
best beach towels into the wild towel 2019

Sure, this towel is a little expensive, but you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck as it’s built for upwards of three people. Great for families or friend groups who want to lay claim to a ton of shoreline space, the Tesalate Towel for Two is not only huge, but sand-free, ultra-absorbent, and quick-drying. Sounds like a win, win, win.

CGEAR Sand-Free Beach Towel
CGEAR Sand-Free Beach Towel

Another sand-free option is this beauty of a towel from CGEAR. A patented, dual-layer weave technology prevents pesky grains from sticking to the cozy polyester exterior, resulting in a towel that stays fresh all day long. Plus, it’s also super absorbent, moisture-wicking, and UV resistant.

Lands’ End Sand-Free Beach Towel
Lands’ End Sand-Free Beach Towel

Built with a gentle, blended terry cloth, the Lands’ End towel is a beach-goer’s dream. Not only is it luxuriously soft to the touch, but it also features a double-knit weave for easy sand removal. According to the brand, a single shake of this towel will knock any sand (and unwanted moisture) right out of the fabric, making car travel a breeze!

Dock & Bay Active Collection 5 Towel Set
Dock & Bay Active Collection Towel

If you’re heading to the beach to do some sunrise yoga or play an invigorating game of sand volleyball, you’ll definitely want to bring a few of these fantastic Dock & Bay microfiber towels along. Compact, lightweight, and moisture-wicking, these bad boys are from the brand’s active collection, so promise to keep you feeling fresh while you’re building up a sweat.

Outlier Grid Linen Towel
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For something a little different, consider this beach accessory from Outlier Grid. While most towels on the market (and this list) are built with cotton, this little guy is powered by a special linen weave. The result? It’s more lightweight, breathable, and moisture-absorbing than your run-of-the-mill cabana towel. Plus, it’s got a subtle finish that should transition seamlessly between indoor and outdoor use.

Now that you’ve got your beach towel situation all settled, it’s time to start thinking about what book to read while lying on it.

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