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8 Best Umbrellas to Dodge the Drizzle in 2020


Nothing is worse than leaving home in a tidy three-piece only to arrive at your destination looking like Gene Kelly after a song in the rain. Whether you’re a city commuter, an avid hiker, or somewhere in between, having a reliable umbrella is a must if you plan to be out and about during rainy weather. Don’t let spontaneous showers rain on your parade this year – it’s time to ditch that free umbrella you got when you moved into your freshman dorm and upgrade to something that’ll stand up against the elements.

So, without further ado, here are the absolute best umbrellas of the season.

Totes Luggage Wooden Stick Umbrella

Totes Umbrella

We like this umbrella from Totes because it’s got a super classy look at an affordable price. The traditional J-handle aesthetic is complemented by an auto-open design, which makes for easy use whether exiting a car or the subway. Plus, the exterior is fully rain- and windproof, so it should definitely keep you nice and dry.

Hunter Original Bubble Umbrella

Hunter Bubble Umbrella

For something a bit more stylin’, you may want to check out the original bubble umbrella from Hunter. A clear shell (and fun “mustache” rim detail) makes for a playful look that’s a welcome departure from the sea of dark-colored umbrellas typical of a rainy day. Though the price is a little steep for an umbrella, we think it’s well worth it.

Samsonite Windguard Auto Open Umbrella

Samsonite Windguard Auto Open Umbrella

This umbrella’s Teflon-coated, double-canopy opens to a 36-inch diameter, offering a remarkably sturdy, waterproof shell to save you from springtime showers. It also has a curved handle for comfort and an auto-open and close button that can be easily used with just one hand. All-in-all, an uber-functional pick for the commuter on the go.

LifeTek New Yorker Umbrella

LifeTek New Yorker Umbrella

As practical as the urbanites it’s named after, the LifeTek New Yorker Umbrella is a great option for commuters on the go. Not only does it have an ultra-sleek design, but it provides excellent coverage on all sides of the body. Plus, it’s been designed specifically with wind resistance in mind, making it an easy go-to for seriously stormy weather.

AmazonBasics Travel Umbrella

I know what you’re thinking — an AmazonBasics recommendation? Really? Yes, really. This umbrella is compact, lightweight, and travel-friendly with a buttery soft handle that can’t be beat. It also comes fully equipped with an air vent chamber to prevent flipping and is available in a ton of fun colors. And the $18 price tag ain’t half bad, either.

ShedRain e-Motion Motorized Umbrella

In the mood for something a little futuristic? Then you may want to give this motorized umbrella a go! With the simple click of a button, this accessory opens and closes on its own, saving you the trouble of having to finagle with a rebellious rod. The motor is rechargeable by battery and is said to last for upwards of a month. Perhaps not the most practical umbrella on this list, but a potentially fun option for tech-heads.

Certain Standard Large Hackney Umbrella

Certain Standard Large Hackney Umbrella

With its bright red exterior and a handsome dash of white, this is certainly a “statement” umbrella, but one that could work well for fashion-minded folks. It’s large yet not overwhelming, tough yet not at all heavy. All in all, an excellent choice for coverage, wind resistance, and poppin’ style.

Repel Travel Umbrella

Lightweight, windproof, and backed by a lifetime warranty, the Repel Travel Umbrella might just be the best umbrella on this list. Sure, it’s not the flashiest option here, but it’s a fantastic value buy that packs a serious protective punch. And at just $23 a pop, you could easily snag a few for your car, office, and home.

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