Beach Gear For Men: What to Wear, Read, and Carry to the Shore

beach gear for men

It’s imperative that you pack up for the beach the right way — yes, that’s right. Imperative. There are absolutely some areas where you need upgrades in terms of stylish beach gear, and specifically, the gear to bring with you. From an upgraded tank top to new swim trunks to a surprisingly engaging and nuanced beach read, every detail deserves your time and consideration this summer — there are only so many beach trips left, after all. Get out there in style.

Todd Snyder x Champion Muscle Tee in Navy – $48
beach gear for men what to wear the todd snyder muscle tee

Go rugged and classic with your tank top, eschewing the cut-off vintage T-shirt look that seems to be all too common on beaches today. This tough muscle tee from Champion and Todd Snyder will make you look (and feel) like you’ve been hitting the gym, without a doubt. And if you’ve been following our arm exercises, everyone will know you have been. 

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Onia Charles Swim Trunks – $145
beach gear for men what to wear the onia swim trunks

Subtle stripes separate these stylish swim trunks from the rest of the pack, along with a tailored fit that shores things up significantly in a sea of baggy boardshorts. These swim trunks from Onia are all about cool, continental style.

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Everlane Nylon Tote Bag – $35
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The bag you use to haul your everyday carry can also function as a reliable, tough beach bag — the nylon construction on this pleasingly minimal, well-made Everlane number makes it a reliable accessory for your next beach trip.

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Manhattan Beach by Jennifer Egan – $15
beach gear for men what to wear the manhattan book

Unplug for just a bit with a true beach read. The definition of an intriguing page-turner, Manhattan Beach blends historical drama with the action and pacing of a noir thriller. All the better to make you put down your phone and pay attention.

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Sunski Dipseas Sunglasses – $55
beach gear for men what to wear the sunski dipseas

Surprisingly affordable and surprisingly durable, you need a pair of sunglasses that aren’t sports-friendly Oakley shades. You really do — especially if you’re wearing stylish swim trunks and a well-made tee. The Dipseas Sunglasses have just enough of a retro flair to make ‘em stand out in the right way.

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Pantropic Creekside Gaucho Hat – $95
beach gear for men what to wear the pantropic hat

Keep the sun off your face by investing in a quality beach hat, one that you can also wear on the patio or to a backyard BBQ. It also helps that it’s definitely among the best beach gear for men — at least, according to us. 

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JBL Audio JBL Flip 4 Speaker – $79
beach gear for men what to wear the jbl flip4 hero grey 6904 fs x2 1605x1605px

Take your favorite tunes on the go with the functional JBL Flip 4.  Able to withstand the rough-and-tumble of a day at the beach, the fact that JBL has packed a lot of sonic quality into one portable speaker is applause-worthy, too. Great music and a great speaker through which to play it? That’s some of the best beach gear for men, hands-down. 

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Nisolo Huarache Sandals – $138
beach gear for men what to wear the nisolo huarache sandals

We’ve shown you how to upgrade your beach reads, your tank top and your swim trunks … so allow us to do the same with your footwear. Stylishly crafted and with quite a bit more energy than your average set of sandals, we can’t recommend ‘em enough.

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Now that you’ve got the outfit, get all the essentials like towels, toys, and more here.