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Poster of Second Season of Roy Choi's Broken Bread.

Chef Roy Choi Discusses the New Season of Broken Bread

Roy Choi showcases various issues and passionate innovators within the food industry on the second season of Broken Bread.
firelli hot sauce review on pizza

Meet Firelli Hot Sauce Brand Made With Calabrian Peppers

Firelli, a food company based in Parma, Italy is making the world's only bottled brand of Italian style hot sauce.
Tuna tataki with mixed green and soy sauce on a square plate.

The Incredible Health Benefits of Tuna Fish

A seafood expert guides The Manual on a comprehensive overview of the nutritional benefits of tuna.
Plate of Green Prawns from Philippe Chow.

The Art of Stir-Fried Shrimp from a Chinese Master Chef

Philippe Chow, a celebrity hotspot in New York, shows The Manual the art of stir-frying shrimp.
Chocolate Fig Tart from JOI.

These are the Best Gluten-Free Chocolate Desserts

Three decadent gluten-free chocolate dessert recipes that are perfect for any holiday or dinner party.
Pie crust being rolled out on a table.

This is How You Make the Perfect Flaky Pie Crust

The pie experts from East Bay Pie Co share their tricks and techniques for making perfect, flaky pie crusts.
Hutchins BBQ Red Platter, brisket, sausage, potato salad.

You Can Now Have Texas Barbecue Delivered

Iconic North Texas barbecue spot Hutchins BBQ is delivering its famous brisket and sausages nationwide.
Roast lamb on a baking sheet with herbs.

A Meat Expert’s Guide to Show-Stopping Holiday Roasts

Stemple Creek Ranch, an organic meat purveyor to Michelin-starred restaurants, tells The Manual their best techniques for cooking a whole roast.
Chef Scott Conant standing.

Chef Scott Conant Shares Family Favorite Recipes

Award-winning Chef Scott Conant is back with another cookbook, this time featuring a series of multicultural family favorites.
Ground matcha tea with whisk.

The Amazing Health Benefits of Matcha Tea

When properly sourced and brewed, Japanese matcha is one of the healthiest beverages in the world.
best thai recipes som tum ingredients

How to Make Michelin-Starred Thai Food From a Master Chef

Learn how to make Michelin-starred Thai food from a master chef.
Hands holding a plate of Nom Nom Char Siu, black table in the back.

Best Paleo Recipes from ‘Nom Nom Paleo’ Authors

Michelle Tam & Henry Fong, the New York Times bestselling cookbook authors of Nom Nom Paleo are back with a new cookbook full of international Paleo recipes.
Nigiri Assortment at Koyo on a table.

Two Sushi Chefs Discuss the Preparation of Omakase

An expert, Michelin-starred guide to everything you need to know about Japanese sushi Omakase.
Merveilleux pastry on a plate next to a golden spoon.

This 200-year-old French Pastry is the Next Big Thing

Marvelous by Fred, a high-end French pastry shop, is bringing the unique merveilleux pastry to America.
Africa Yoon Memoir Book Cover.

How Kimchi Changed Everything, a Memoir

African American author Africa Yoon shares how Korean cuisine changed her life.
A person holding a vegan bowl.

The 4 Best Vegan Bowl Recipes to Make for a More Nourishing Mealtime

Vegan bowls are a delicious and exciting way to increase your vegetable intake. So, kickstart your healthy eating goals with the best vegan bowl recipes.
Wine bottles on a shelf.

6 Unique and Underrated Wines You Need To Try

For the best, most unique, and underrated wines, Smith and Vine wine shop in Brooklyn has the answer.
Paella Valenciana from Tasca restaurant in NYC.

An Introduction to Spanish Wines and Seafood

A Spanish wine expert gives us an introduction to Spanish wine and fresh seafood.
Thanksgiving meal with turkey breast, pies and casseroles on a table.

A Chef’s Tips for the Best Thanksgiving Stuffing and Gravy

A chef shares his best Thanksgiving stuffing and gravy cooking tips.
G'day Gourmet meat pie cut in half on cutting board with Australian flag in background.

G’Day Gourmet is Bringing Australian Meat Pies to America

G’Day Gourmet is shipping high-quality Australian meat pies to Americans.
Thai Gai Yang grilled chicken on a plate with som tum salad in the background.

How the Thai Government Helps Identify Authentic Thai Food

The Thai government has an award system for authentic Thai food around the world. Here's how they do it.
Chefman Turbofry Air Fryer full of curly fries with a hand picking one up, on a white background.

This is How an Air Fryer Really Works

Wonder how an air fryer works and what to use it for? The Manual is here to help.
Raw ribeye with Benjamins Steak Sauce on a plate.

What is Steak Sauce? How and When to Use It

While a good steak is delicious, a tasty steak sauce can be a great addition.
Dinner items at Madam Ji restaurant in NYC.

Madam Ji is a Traditional-Modern Fusion of Indian Cuisine

A diverse culture, Indian cuisine features both tradition and modern style.
A giblet gravy served in a gravy boat beside a plate of turkey slices.

How to Make Southern Giblet Gravy

Southern giblet gravy is a delicious addition to any Thanksgiving feast. Here's how to make it before the big day arrives.
Slam Dunk Anime poster.

The Best Sports Anime to Watch Right Now

Japanese anime is more than just sci-fi and fantasy. Sports anime is a very exciting genre with plenty of interesting stories.
The hassun course at Koyo.

Meet the Queens-Based Chef Innovating Japanese Fine Dining

A Queens-based Chinese American chef is cooking his style of Japanese kaiseki, fine dining.
Hutong Flaming Peking duck enjoyed by diners.

Meet the Flaming Peking Duck of Hutong Restaurant

Flaming Peking Duck is the next level in Chinese roast duck dishes.
Lièvre à La Royale on a plate.

A Classic French Dish With Plenty of History

This classic French dish was served to the kings of old. You can now taste it for yourself.
how to make mexican hot chocolate

How to Make Spicy and Sweet Mexican Hot Chocolate

Mexican hot chocolate is the perfect sweet and spicy drink for chocolate lovers.
Bowl of Vegan Red Beans & Rice with Cornbread slices on a table.

How to Make Vegan Soul Food

Vegan soul food is just as delicious as traditional soul food.
smoked thanksgiving side dishes sweet potato casserole

How to Make Smoked Thanksgiving Side Dishes

For a fun twist on Thanksgiving side dishes, break out the barbecue.
Umamicart Red-Braised Pork with Vegetables and Rice.

How To Make Delicious Chinese ‘Red-Braised’ Pork Belly

For the perfect, decadent pork dish, try Chinese red-braised pork belly.
Bowl of Tonkatsu Ichiran Ramen.

Ichiran Ramen Delivers Its World Famous Ramen to Your Door

Is it possible to recreate restaurant-quality ramen from a package? Ichiran Ramen from Japan has the answer.
The dining room of Tuscany Steakhouse in NYC.

How To Pair Wine With Beef, From a Steakhouse Expert

It's not always so simple to pair red wine and beef but this expert tells us how.
Wagyu Samhap at Oiji in East Village.

Meet the Chef Who Is Changing Korean Fine Dining in America

See how one chef is taking traditional Korean cuisine and turning it into a Korean fine dining experience.
Kabocha Squash sliced in half with knife.

How To Cook Kabocha Squash, the Perfect Fall Ingredient

Kabocha squash is related to the pumpkin but its flavors are like pumpkin, sweet potato, and chestnuts.
Pretzel and Sausage Stuffing from Chef Mark Steuer of Funkenhausen in Chicago.

A Creative Twist on Fall Stuffing: Pretzels and Pork Sausage

Chef Mark Steuer has created a distinctive recipe — pretzel and sausage stuffing. The secret ingredient to this tasty casserole is day-old soft pretzels.
Array of Japanese whisky bottles on a counter.

A Comprehensive Guide to Japanese Whisky Cocktails

If you haven't had Japanese whisky yet, these recipes will make you want more and more.
Bratwurst being grilled.

The Ultimate Oktoberfest Sausage Guide

Here is a list of some of the most popular German sausages for Oktoberfest.
Gourmet fine dining meal on table.

Michelin Guide: The Inside Scoop on How Stars are Awarded to Restaurants

Countless chefs have dedicated their careers to the pursuit of Michelin Stars, an award that can accelerate their careers.
Steaks on grill with corn.

How To Smoke Steak According to a Michelin-Starred Chef

For advice on how to smoke steaks, we spoke with Chef Danny Lledo of Michelin-Starred Restaurant Xiquet (chee-KETT) in Washington D.C.
Korean kimbap rolls egg and vegetables.

Kimbap Rice Rolls Recipe: Korea’s Answer to Sushi

Korean kimbap rice rolls resemble sushi but use different seasonings and ingredients. Find out what they are and grab the recipe!
Adam of E3 Ranch with son Drake walking towards cattle.

How a Retired MLB Player Turned Meat Rancher Is Fighting for Veterans

For retired MLB player Adam LaRoche, the most satisfying aspects of his career have actually been outside the baseball field: His work for the E3 Foundation.
Jeju black pig shoulder and belly cuts on a grill.

What To Know About Jeju Black Pig, the Kobe Beef of Pork

Here to help The Manual understand why this pork is so prized is Chef Andrew Lim of Perilla, a modern Korean barbecue restaurant in Chicago.
guide to pork steaks

The Complete Guide to Pork Steaks: Where To Buy, How To Cook, and More

Pork steaks are a filling and mouthwatering alternative to beef that's just as great for grilling or searing. Find out more about this delicious slab of meat.
Pekarna Crispy Wild Boar with Rice on a plate.

How To Make Slovenian Smoked Boar, a Meat Lover’s Dream

There's one thing abundantly clear about Slovenian food — meat is beloved.
Three Milk Chocolate Cake from La Guaridain Cuba.

Cuban Cuisine Guide: A Colorful and Vibrant Food Scene

Only one hundred miles from Florida, Cuban cuisine is relatively under-represented in the American culinary landscape.
Schaller Weber bacon being sliced on wooden table.

How To Make the New York Bodega Classic — Bacon, Egg and Cheese

These hot sandwiches are pervasive, affordable, and handheld, making them the perfect sandwiches for busy New Yorkers on the go.
Pinsa Romana from Donato.

An Easy Guide To Making Roman Style Pizza

Roman style pizzas are a culinary powerhouse in their own right.