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This luxury cruise is perfect for Aston Martin, F1 fans

Aston Martin and F1 take to the seas

Side view of Aston Martin Formula 1 car
Aston Martin Aramco Formula One Team

The Aston Martin nameplate evokes images of style, sophistication, and performance. From the legendary DB5 to today’s Vantage, the company’s vehicles have a combination of muscle and verve that’s hard to match. Sultry bodywork and roaring powerplants make a scene, whether on the road or track.

Similarly, Formula 1 inspires passion and excitement like few sports can. Racecars on the leading edge of tech compete on storied circuits, requiring lightning-quick reflexes from the world’s best drivers. Each race brings tension and drama, as drivers and machines explore the limits of performance. 

For those with a zeal for both, Regent Seven Seas Cruises offers the Spotlight Voyage. Offering an immersive experience into the world of the Aston Martin Aramco F1 Team and the road car brand, the cruise sets sail on the Mediterranean in July 2025. Let’s take a closer look at this once-in-a-lifetime cruise.

The Spotlight Voyage: F1 dreams on the Mediterranean

Seven Seas Splendor Cruise Ship
Seven Seas Splendor Cruise Ship Regent Seven Seas Cruises

As a Formula 1 fan, you want to know every detail of the tracks, cars, and drivers. That desire is even stronger when you follow a specific team, your heart rising and falling with every qualifying session or podium finish. When you live for F1 — and love Aston Martin — the Spotlight Voyage puts you in the driver’s seat on a cruise to remember. Here’s what it includes.

On July 22, 2025, Seven Seas Splendor sets sail on a 10-day voyage across the Mediterranean, with former F1 driver Pedro de la Rosa hosting and numerous Aston Martin Aramco F1 executives and engineers on board. Additionally, representatives from the Aston Martin road car division will be along for the ride, offering several workshops delving into design and innovation. That’s just the beginning.

Along the way, the ship will visit historic racing venues like Monaco, Monte Carlo, and Barcelona, Spain, with both brands collaborating for amazing experiences on and off the Seven Seas Splendor.  Not only that, but for the most passionate guests, Regent Seven Seas Cruises will offer multiday land programs before and after the cruise, with visits to storied car collections and historic racetracks. Part of that includes the opportunity to attend an Aston Martin Aramco Race Experience at the Hungarian GP once the cruise concludes.

Delve into F1’s fascinating world on the Spotlight Voyage

Aston Martin F1 car on Spotlight Voyage
Aston Martin Aramco Formula One Team

Though traveling on a luxury ocean liner is wonderful itself, the Spotlight Voyage is about peeking behind the curtain of the Aston Martin Aramco F1 Team and the historic British brand. In between curated meals and Mediterranean sunsets, you’ll live as if a member of the team, as Pedro de la Rosa guides you through an intriguing world.

On board, you can get up close with a full-size replica of an Aston Martin Aramco F1 car. Its carbon monocoque and flowing wings look like something out of a sci-fi movie. After taking that in, an Aston Martin simulator awaits, letting you test yourself on the same circuits as the pros.

Then, experience F1 from the inside, with masterclasses, workshops, and panel discussions by members of the Aston Martin Aramco team. When it’s over, you’ll have a new perspective on Formula 1. Cap the day at a deck party with “Race Day” themed cocktails and dishes. 

Pedro de la Rosa shared his excitement about the voyage, saying, “I am thrilled to host this exclusive Spotlight Voyage aboard with our friends at Regent and even more excited to be sailing from my hometown of Barcelona… I’ve spent over three decades pursuing my passion for racing in every corner of the globe, and I can’t wait to share this passion and my unique experiences with both Regent and Aston Martin Aramco fans while cruising the Mediterranean on this special voyage.”

Tickets for the Spotlight Voyage start at $8,449 per guest. Attending some shoreside events brings an additional cost, and capacity is limited. For more info, visit the Regent Seven Seas Cruises website and book tickets for this unreal excursion.

When you’re a devoted Formula 1 fan and love Aston Martin, attending races only goes so far. When you want to learn the inner workings of the Aston Martin Aramco team, and more about the British marque, the Spotlight Voyage is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Spanning gorgeous locales and exploring Grand Prix history, the trip will leave you an F1 insider and refreshed from luxurious settings. So book that ticket, mash the throttle, and get ready for a racing-fueled adventure. 


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