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Winnebago reveals the Ekko Sprinter, a camper van with more off-roading capability than ever

The RV maker ups the ante again with a Sprinter Van-based class B+ rig that's built for serious off-road fun

Winnebago Ekko Sprinter Campervan parked on a sandy ridge.

Winnebago made a splash in the RV and overlanding worlds when it debuted its Sprinter-based Revel camper van back in 2017. The off-road-centric coach was a distinct departure from the company’s well-established line-up of leisure RVs. It doubled down a few years later with the Ford Transit-based Ekko — a more spacious, more capable big brother designed to take you and your gear, well, just about anywhere. Now, the RV maker is upping the ante yet again with its all-new Ekko Sprinter — a Sprinter Van-based class B+ rig that’s ready for serious off-road fun.

Man building a campfire in front of a Winnebago Ekko Springer camper van.

Get the low-down on the all-new Winnebago Ekko Sprinter camper van

With the new Ekko Sprinter, it’s clear Winnebago recognizes that size matters. The latest model is bigger in every way than its Transit-based brother. With a 170-inch wheelbase, it’s 18″ longer, to be exact. That’s still compact enough to navigate twisty backcountry roads yet roomy enough to accommodate more amenities, gear, and passengers. The Ekko Sprinter offers belted seating for four adults and sleeping space for three. An optional pop-up adds sleeping quarters for two more for a total of five (in a compact camper van!). Plus, the deep gear garage allows you to pack everything you need and then some (think: a whole arsenal of outdoor adventure gear).

The roomier interior is designed to be more flexible for longer-term trips, too. It centers around a multifunctional lounge space that can be configured in one of four different modes by mixing and matching the seating and built-in tablespace. Two side sofas provide cozy seating for dinner, game nights, or working; or it can become a U-shaped dining space with room for five; or it can accommodate one sleeping adult in “Sleep Mode.” The gallery is likewise flexible and full-featured, with a portable single-burner induction cooktop (for indoor/outdoor cooking), a microwave/convection oven, deep access drawers, and a large sink basin.

Spacious gear garage of the Winnebago Ekko Sprinter camper van.

On the outside, the Ekko Sprinter also benefits from the capable Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van platform. It features all-wheel-drive, which splits torque 50/50 between the front and rear axle when slip is detected, for better off-road handling. With an elevated ground clearance and standard all-terrain tires (compared to the Transit’s all-season rubber), it’s also better equipped for rough roads and low-traction situations.

The new Ekko camper is also packed with the high-end safety features and tech conveniences that Mercedes-Benz is known for. The proprietary MBUX Multimedia System seamlessly integrates Apple CarPlay and Android Auto into the coach. Standard driver aids include a digital rearview mirror, adaptive cruise control, active lane-keeping assist, and attention assist.

Aerial view of the solar panels atop the roof of a Winnebago Ekko Sprinter camper van.

Build and customize your own Winnebago Ekko Sprinter

Winnebago debuted the all-new Ekko Sprinter at this month’s annual Florida RV SuperShow. The starting price is just over $230,000, roughly $23,000 more than its Transit-based little brother. Ticking all the option boxes easily adds a few thousand more to the bottom line. It’s a steep price tag—the equivalent of a modest home in some Midwest towns—but that’s the cost of admission to secure Winnebago’s most capable offroad campervan.

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