6 Types of Knots Every Outdoorsman Should Know

Whether you’re tying your tent’s rainfly down in a nasty storm, lashing your kayak to a well-used roof rack, or making some on-the-trail gear repairs, tying knots is a skill every modern outdoorsman needs to master. We’ve put together a handy little guide to the most essential type of knots: a taut-line hitch, square knot, figure eight knot, prusik knot, waterman’s knot, and bowline knot.

Taut-Line Hitch

This hitch can slip along your rope or cord, holding fast under a load. That makes it a perfect option for staking our a tent or shelter, as you’ll be able to balance the tension at each lashing point.

Step No. 1

types of knots taut line hitch 1
Make a turn around your tent stake or post. Make sure you give yourself about a foot of slack on the free end of your rope.

Step No. 2

types of knots taut line hitch 2
Coil your free end twice around the taut working end.

Step No. 3

types of knots taut line hitch 3
Make one additional coil below the first two.

Step No. 4

types of knots taut line hitch 4
Pull your hitch tight. It should slide freely along the rope, expanding or contracting the loop you created.

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