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Take the Ultimate Cycling Road Trip With This Fat-Tired Teardrop Trailer

ModyPlast Mody Outdoors Fat-Tired Teardrop Bikepacking Trailer

Some people need a 50-foot motorhome with a fireplace, a flatscreen TV, and a hot tub to travel “comfortably,” while others are fine with a reasonably dry bed, freeze-dried dinners, and a roof over their heads. If you fall into the latter category and you prefer your road-tripping on two wheels, this clever new fat-tired, bike-pulled teardrop trailer is for you.

Teardrop trailers are nothing new, and bikepacking trips aren’t either. The idea of a teardrop trailer specifically built for bikepackers, however, is something we don’t see every day. ModyPlast’s line of so-called “bicycle caravans” opens up a world of, dare we say, luxury to bikepackers. The German brand’s three-model lineup includes the entry-level Mody Tourer, mid-range Mody Trekking, and rugged, off-road-ready Mody Outdoor. As the names imply, the Tourer is intended for urban and city exploration on mostly paved roads and bike paths. The Trekking edition is ready for forest and hard-riding dirt roads, and the Outdoor model is offered with wider tires and increased ground clearance to tackle the roughest terrain over mud, sandy slopes, and small branches.

Every trim level starts with a lightweight fiberglass shell with the option to upgrade to a carbon fiber alternative for a few hundred dollars more. In almost every configuration, the ModyPlast weighs just 100 pounds, making it easily towable by even novice bikepackers. Standard features across the line include large, 26-inch wheels for a smooth, easy ride over almost any terrain, plus Shimano brakes, overrun brakes, and acrylic glazing. Other exterior essentials, like LED lighting, extendable aluminum supports for parking, and rear reflectors, are all standard, too.

In its base configuration, the ModyPlast works like a hard-shelled tent. But, a long list of optional equipment allows buyers to upgrade their experience. An available kitchen box, for example, adds an essential cooking setup to the space, including the option for a mobile refrigerator that chills down to -4°F. A 100W solar panel kit expands the ModyPlast’s off-grid capabilities almost indefinitely, so if you can find water, you can keep going.

Thanks to warp-speed advancements in design, new materials, and manufacturing, today’s travel trailers — teardrop travel trailers, in particular — are lighter than ever. The lightest full-sized fiberglass travel trailers weigh less than a ton. More compact tow-behind teardrop models, like the Earth Traveler T300, tip the scales at under 300 pounds. At that weight, they’re towable by just about anything with two wheels and an engine.

The entry-level ModyPlast Tourer model is available for pre-order starting under $6,000 (€4,999). For serious off-road explorers and those for whom only the best will do, ModyPlast’s flagship Outdoor Carbon version tops out close to $9,000 (€7,499). Sure, you could buy a decent used travel trailer for the same price, but you definitely won’t be towing that travel trailer with your own two feet.

If even a teardrop bikepacking trailer is too fancy for your liking, check out our picks for the best motorcycle tents that work great for pedal-powered two-wheelers, too.

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