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The Baja Adventure Rig Is Like an Off-Road Apartment on Wheels

Rossmonster Overland The Baja Adventure Truck Camper RV

Not long ago, truck campers were considered the unloved stepchildren of the RV world. Most were cheap, flimsy, and purely functional, with little thought given to livability and aesthetics. Thanks to a new generation of forward-thinking designers and fabricators, they’ve evolved into something else entirely. Today’s best adventure rigs can travel almost literally anywhere while allowing owners to tote all the comforts and luxuries of home along with them. Enter: Rossmonster Overland’s The Baja adventure rig.

Rossmonster Overland The Baja Adventure Truck Camper

Colorado-based Rossmonster Overland recently announced the debut of its first-ever truck camper. The customizable rig is built on the buyer’s choice of half-ton, three-quarter-ton, or one-ton chassis with a custom lightweight aluminum frame. That includes capable American-built options like the Ram 2500, Ford F150 and F250, and the Chevy or GMC 2500 — all 2019 or newer. Owner Ross Williamson said of the design, “We know that many people, including ourselves, prefer to adventure in hard-to-reach places where getting there is part of the experience. As such, we wanted to build a vehicle with the same craftsmanship and dedication to design that we’ve been employing in our van builds for years, but with a bit more capability to explore where others can.”

The design centers around a custom composite shell with an actuated topper. The Baja is built from the ground up to go anywhere you want it to. Hardcore off-road-worthy features include an upgraded rear air-bag suspension and 4WD with available front and rear locking differentials. A custom front bumper includes an integrated Warn winch and additional gear storage. Plus, a Baja Designs LED light bar ensures you can get where you’re going long after the sun goes down.

Rossmonster Overland The Baja Adventure Truck Camper Floorplan

But, it’s the surprising creature comforts that truly set The Baja apart. An automatic rear door on electric actuators opens to reveal a surprisingly plush interior that feels more like a modern apartment than a traditional truck camper. In the monochromatic black-on-white colorway, the interior is bright, clean, and contemporary, while the black and walnut option creates a space that’s warm, masculine, and luxurious. Depending on the layout, the Baja sleeps up to four adults comfortably with a queen-size over-cab bed and a fold-down dinette/bed at the rear. The former adds an over-bed skylight to flood the interior with light during the day and allow for stargazing after dark. A full galley — with a residential sink, induction cooktop, and a fridge/freezer combo — provides all the tools for cooking gourmet meals in the backcountry.

Beefy electrical and water features allow for extended periods off-grid. With clever water management, the 30-gallon freshwater tank is enough to last a week or more. The heavy-duty Victron power system includes a lithium battery bank powered by a 3,000-watt inverter and an optional 400W Zamp solar array. So, campers needn’t be without their phones, laptops, digital cameras, and portable espresso machines no matter where they travel.

Like most purpose-built adventure rigs, The Baja doesn’t come cheap. The base model starts at $175,000, and the long list of platforms and available options will significantly ratchet the price tag up. But the vanlifing movement has made living out of your vehicle socially acceptable — cool, even. So why not just sell your house and embrace full-time life on the road?

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