Camping Gifts for Gear Heads

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This might come as a surprise to you, but not everyone who enjoys camping is an “I’ll chop down this tree and build a goddamn cabin right now” type of person. Some of us like to catch our own prey, ferret out wild edibles, and make campfires by glaring at kindling with such primal rage that it bursts into flame out of fear and respect. Others like to have a cup of espresso while enjoying their outdoor outing.

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If you have someone on your holiday gift list who enjoys the outdoors but also appreciates a clever gadget or ten, then we’ve got some gift ideas for you. Or rather… ideas for them. OK, wait, let’s get this straight: the gift idea is for you, as in an idea for a gift to get them. That’s what we have for you, for you to have for them. Ah Jesus Christ, just read the list.

The Neocon Solar Panel Charger

Nexcon Solar Panel ChargerFYI, most mountains, forests, and other woodland locales don’t come with power outlets. Fortunately, there’s a rather large potent power source lurking a scant 93,000,000 miles away from us at all times: the good ol’ sun! With a Solar Panel Charger from Nexcon, you can harness enough electricity from the sunshine to keep many types of smaller devices powered up, such as phones, cameras, and tablets.

The Nexcon Panel is both water proofed and shock resistant, so it will stand up to the rugged conditions of the wild and will always be ready to add some juice when you need it while far afield. Yours (or theirs) for about $20.

The GSI Outdoor Glacier Percolator Pot

Outdoor PercolatorThere’s nothing like a hot cup of coffee on a cold mountain morning. Sure, you could settle for a packet of crystalized instant coffee like all the other peasants… or you could brew yourself a fresh pot of premium java and have campsite coffee fit for a king! Or at least for an earl. Or maybe a viscount. Anyway, if you want great coffee anytime, anywhere, all you need are the grounds of your choosing, a heat source (coals, a camp stove, or a grill), and the GSI Outdoor Glacier Percolator Pot. This perk pot lets you quickly brew 12 cups of joe, and the “PercView” glass viewing dome let’s you watch until the coffee has reached just the right darkness and robustness for you. Campsite coffee for around $32.

The OuterEQ Portable Parachute Hammock

Camp HammockWhat packs down to fit in a sack no larger than a rather large grapefruit yet unfolds into a hammock large enough to comfortably accommodate a full-grown adult male? That’s right, it’s the Portable Parachute Hammock from OuterEQ! Aren’t you smart? (That wasn’t rhetorical, by the way.) Made of rugged, ripstop nylon and weighing less than a quarter pound, this is a go-anywhere sleeping and shelter solution any camping enthusiast will love, even those enthusiasts who weigh as much as 360+ pounds. It has an impressively high “stand weight” rating, and is long enough for people standing well over 6’2″. The hammock comes in a variety of colors, and even its larger size costs only about $35.

The Coleman Perfect Flow Grill Stove

71eUR+iCEeL._SX425_.jpg If you want to cook a perfect meal even when far afield, then the Coleman Perfect Flow Grill Stove is the way to do it. This handy little unit (well, to be fair at 12 pounds it’s not exactly “little” and it is too big for a backpacking trip, but it’s perfect for car camping or canoeing trips) makes preparing campsite cuisine as easy as cooking in your own kitchen thanks to its ease of use and ample cook space. It can function like a grill, with meats or veggies roasting right on its, well, grill, or you can use it like a stove for frying, boiling, and more. This is a durable, reliable unit that is beloved by its many satisfied owners. Get 20,000 BTUs of heating power wherever you need ’em for about $60.

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