This Rum was Aged at the Bottom of the Ocean

rum aged bottom ocean sevenfathomsrum
Usually you’ve got to buy a bunch of boats, winches, and scuba gear to retrieve treasure from the bottom of the ocean, but thanks to Seven Fathoms Rum, now all you’ve got to do is head to the nearest liquor store.

Much like a treasure chest full of gold doubloons, Seven Fathoms Rum spends a substantial chunk of its life at the bottom of the ocean, aging and becoming more valuable. That might sound like an elaborate gimmick, but we did some research on the subject, and apparently ocean aging has some actual merit to it.

According to the distillers, aging spirits on the ocean floor is ideal for a number of different reasons. First and foremost, the extremely consistent temperature and humidity of the deep is ideal for the aging process, and is much more stable than anywhere on land. Second, the perpetual motion of the ocean helps to gently agitate the barrel and ensure even diffusion of the rummy molecules inside. When aged on land, distillers have to rotate barrels by hand to achieve this, but the gentle rocking of the sea does this with far more consistency and steady precision, which gives the rum a more robust taste.

Winemakers actually picked up on this technique decades ago, but Seven Fathoms is one of the first distilleries to use it on rum, and the end result is excellent. We snagged ourselves a bottle to see what it was like, and we definitely weren’t disappointed. The flavor profile is both strong and complex — almost more like whiskey than rum. This makes it great as a mixer, but we discovered the best way to take it is on the rocks, and preferably with a patch over one of your eyes.

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