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Drew Prindle

Drew Prindle

Drew is our resident tech nerd. He’s spent most of his life trying to be James Bond, so naturally he’s developed an unhealthy obsession with cutting-edge gadgets, top-shelf liquor, and well-timed puns. When he’s not composing articles for TheManual and DigitalTrends, Drew prefers to spend his time on the outskirts of Portland, buried in neck-deep powder at Mt. Hood.

whiskey vs whisky

Whiskey vs Whisky: Is There Really a Difference?

Is it whiskey or whisky? Is there a difference? We get to the bottom of the age-old whiskey vs whisky debate in this short and to-the-point article
cinnamon whiskey

How to Make Your Own Cinnamon Whiskey at Home

We've put together an easy-to-follow recipe for homemade cinnamon whiskey that kicks the crap out of Fireball and all the other semi-spicy liquors.
Gluhwein german mulled wine recipe

Glühwein Recipe: How to Make Your New Favorite Kind of Mulled Wine

Glühwein is the bomb, and it's surprisingly easy to make. Enjoy our recipe for this German mulled wine, which reads more like open-ended directions.
how to fold a pocket square, paisley pocket square in blue jacket pocket

Style School: How to Fold a Pocket Square

Want to know how to fold a pocket square? Here are simple instructions for four traditional folds: straight, single point, double point, and crown.
take a shot

The Most Baller Way to Take a Shot of Whiskey. Ever.

Are you looking for the coolest, most bad-ass way to take a shot of whiskey ever? Look no further than Caliber Ballistic Barware shot glasses.
jagermeister spice

Get in the Fall Spirit with Jagermeister Spice Cocktails

A few years ago, Jägermeister released a new flavor that we can all get behind: Jagermeister Spice. Mix it into these 3 cocktails for fantastic fall drink.
how to wear tie clip bar

How to Wear a Tie Clip Properly

Curious how to wear a tie clip correctly? Wondering about proper placement, size, and other sartorial subtleties? Check out this quick-reference guide
carolina reaper vodka

This Vodka is Infused With Carolina Reapers — The Hottest Peppers on Earth

what is barleywine everything you need to know about

Swill: Everything You Need to Know About Barleywine

swill 5 barrel aged gins need try gin

Swill: Gin Aged In Old Bourbon Barrels Is Far Tastier Than It Sounds

jeremiah weed sarsaparilla whiskey

Swill: Jeremiah Weed’s Sarsaparilla Whiskey is a Bourbon for Root Beer Lovers

Jeremiah Weed's Sarsaparilla Whiskey is one of perhaps three flavored whiskies in existence worth putting in your mouth.
norlan perfect whiskey glass norlan2

Finally, a Glass Designed Specifically for Top-Shelf Whiskey

best brunch drinks cocktails

Forget Bloody Marys & Mimosas: These 4 Unconventional Drinks Go Great With Brunch

smoked beer 1

Here’s 5 Smoked Beers You Should Definitely Try

In this installment of Swill, we offer up an introduction to the big, wide world of smoked beer
oak bottle aging kickstarter header

Forget barrels; age your hooch in small batches with the Oak Bottle

you can finally preorder this ridiculous leaf blower powered hoverboard mr feature

You can finally preorder this ridiculous leaf-blower-powered hoverboard

Instead of using fancy supercooled magnets and elaborate metal-covered skate ramps to levitate, Mr. Hoverboard employs four downward-facing leaf blowers.
photongrill is a portable inflatable solar grill that fits in backpack

PhotonGrill is a portable, inflatable solar grill that fits in a backpack

ardbeg space whiskey results in

Apparently, Whiskey Aged in Space Tastes Different than the Earth-Aged Variety

rogue chipotle whiskey roguechipotlewhiskey

Swill: Rogue Just Released A Chipotle Flavored Whiskey

kole flask kickstarter 150904 0002

Kole: A Fresh New Take On Flask Design

anty gin tasting notes

Swill: Gin Made With Dead Wood Ants Tastes Way Better Than It Sounds

elephant dry gin africa

Swill: Elephant Gin does London Dry with a Unique African Twist

surf snowdonia artificial wave park wavegarden 150814 0002

This giant artificial wave park just opened up to surfers in Wales

time and oak whiskey elements review 1

Time and Oak Whiskey Elements Review

Remember Whiskey Elements? Those nifty little chunks of strategically-cut oak that supposedly make your whiskey taste more mature in 24 hours? I got my hands on a set and put them to the test.
best chimichurri steak recipe

Chimichurri Steak: An Open-Ended Recipe

cilantro lime smoked paprika corn on the cob recipe clpc

Cilantro, Lime, & Smoked Paprika Corn on the Cob

agwa de bolivia coca spirit

Swill: We Drank a Bottle of Coca Leaf Liqueur, For Science

ardbeg perpetuum single malt 2015 ardberg

Swill: Ardbeg’s 200th Anniversary Single Malt Islay Scotch

stolen coffee and cigarettes spiced rum 150605 0001

Swill: Coffee & Cigarettes Spiced Rum Tastes Just Like It Sounds

filet mignon beef jerky three jerks

Filet Mignon Beef Jerky is the Best Kind of Beef Jerky

barrel-aged beers

Here’s 6 Ridiculously Good Barrel-Aged Beers You Should Be Drinking

bradleys kina tonic bradley s

Stop Using Crappy Tonic Water and Make a Legit G&T with Bradley’s Kina Tonic

Washing machine fire pit

How To Turn an Old Washing Machine Drum Into a Fire Pit

del bac smoked whiskey

Swill: Del Bac Smoked Whiskey

stuff you didnt know was at the hardware store tools

The Coolest Stuff You Didn’t Know You Could Get at the Hardware Store

how to hang a sweater without stretching

You’re Hanging Your Sweaters Wrong. Here’s How To Do it Correctly

2bar spirits bourbon

2Bar’s Small-Barrel Bourbon Tastes Like a 12-Year After Just a Few Months

chareau aloe vera liqueur

Swill: This Aloe Vera Booze is The Best Thing We’ve Tasted in Months

kells smoker 2015 portland

The Smoker: Portland’s Best-Kept St. Paddy’s Day Secret

gompers gin

Swill: Gompers Pear-Infused Gin is Absurdly Delicious

gold apple watch alternatives

Skip the Gold Apple Watch: Here’s 9 Better Ways to Blow $17,000

$17K for a "watch" that will be obsolete in three years? No thank you. There are far better ways to spend that money. Here's ten of them
cheapskates guide buying nice outdoor gear backpacking

The Cheapskate’s Guide to Buying Awesome Outdoor Gear

As an avid outdoorsman who also happens to be a cheapskate, I've developed a pretty great system for getting excellent outdoor gear on the cheap
moore and giles sidecar bar cart

This Bar Cart from Moore & Giles is Pure Swank

problem solver beer ipa

Swill: Problem Solver IPA Claims to Boost your Creativity With Booze

Sounds counterintuitive, but a recently-published study gives credence to the idea, and suggests that the right amount of booze can actually boost your creativity.
drinking beer concentrate science black hops pint

Swill: Drinking Beer from Concentrate, For Science

muji right angle socks

Keep Your Feet Happy with Muji’s Right Angle Socks

The socks you're wearing right now probably aren't uncomfortable by any means, but once you slip on a pair of Muji's ingenious Right Angle Socks, you'll notice the difference.
whiskey gifs in glass

We Made Some High Quality Whiskey Gifs, Because The Internet Didn’t Have Enough

The Internet has a disturbing lack of high-quality whiskey gifs, so we took the liberty of making some for everyone. Enjoy!
dovo shavette

Dovo Shavette is part straight razor, part disposable

The Shavette allows you to shave just like you would with a traditional straight razor, but skip the annoying blade maintenance routine
brewie homebrew beer machine

Meet Brewie: The World’s First Fully Automated Brewing Machine

burns night cocktails cutty sark

Celebrate Burns Night With These Scotch-Based Cocktails