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ECOXBT Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Summer is fast approaching, and with more warm weather weekends hitting the forecast, it’s already prime time for backyard barbecues, beachside boozing, backpacking, and Bluetooth. That’s right, Bluetooth. If you like taking your tunes with you outdoors, a set of Bluetooth speakers is essential. Boomboxes and speaker docks are great, but the fact that they hold your phone captive while in use is rather annoying, and most of them typically aren’t designed for outdoor activity. The vast majority are intended for use indoors, near an outlet, where absolutely no water, dirt, or stray footballs can touch them. Not very well suited for your adventurous lifestyle, now are they?

Enter the ECOXBT: a super-rugged and ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker designed by Grace Digital Audio to withstand the elements. It’s completely waterproof and carries an IPx7 rating, meaning it can be submerged in up to a meter of water without breaking a sweat. Not that you’d have to worry about it sinking that deep anyway; the whole thing is encased in a ring of buoyant rubber that keeps it afloat, speakers up, so the party won’t come to a halt when your drunk girlfriend knocks it into the pool. ECOXBT is also sand proof, mud proof, dust proof, and shock proof, so you’re more likely to wreck yourself before you wreck the speaker. It’ll probably outlast you too. With a rechargeable 3.7V 1800 mAh lithium-ion battery, it can keep running for up to ten hours.

In addition to an impressive battery life and excellent Bluetooth range, the the ECOXBT’s sound is astonishingly good. Although Grace Digital clearly put a huge amount of r&d into making it durable, they definitely didn’t skimp on the sound quality. Behind the steel screen you’ll find a pair of 2-inch full-range drivers that can pump out surprisingly detailed sound. Midrange and treble come out incredibly clear and crisp, which helps the sound carry through any background nature noises, and while the bass was harder to discen, we were still impressed with how low it could go. We did find that the sound started to get a little distorted at higher levels though, so keep it at around 80% of full volume for best results.

For 130 bucks, the ECOXBT is easily one of the best values you’ll find in a wireless outdoor speaker – especially when you consider how well designed and durable it is. Head over to learn more or place an order.

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