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New Belgium La Folie is Sour Beer at its Finest

In our experience, sour beers are somewhat hit-or-miss. Sometimes they’re amazing, and other times they taste like rancid prison wine that’s been aging in a dirty sock for three weeks. It’s just a tricky style to brew in, and not everyone gets it right.

In traditional brewing, great precaution is taken to prevent the introduction of unwanted yeast and rogue bacteria that could potentially ruin the flavor of the brew, but sour beers have the complete opposite approach. Brewers will intentionally add wild yeast and bacteria strains to the wort in order to achieve a good sour flavor.

Methods differ from brewery to brewery and batch to batch, but generally speaking, most sours get their funky flavor from aging in special oak barrels – barrels that have been treated with a particularly aggressive strain of yeast known as Brettanomyces. These bacteria thrive inside the warm, dark belly of the barrels and aggressively devour sugars. While they feast, they produce strong sour notes, and add distinct aromas and flavor combinations to the brew — complex sweetness, tart acidity, earthyness, and hints of musty barnhouse funk.

Due to this wild and oftentimes unpredictable fermentation process, sour beers are notoriously difficult to pull off. We can count on one hand the number of breweries who make a sour that’s worth drinking, and one of those breweries happens to be New Belgium.

NB’s La Folie (French for ‘the folly’) sour brown ale is hands down one of the best sour beers we’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting. It’s sharp, sour, and full of mouth-puckering fruit notes like green apple, plum, and wild cherry — all beautifully balanced and . It pours in a thick, dark mahogany, but finishes smooth and crisp — perfect for a hot summer day.

Hit this link to find out the nearest spot you can snag yourself a bottle. You won’t be disappointed.

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“Virgin Voyages always loves a challenge and so we asked ourselves, ‘How can we create the most perfect beer to be enjoyed in the midday sun?’” said Charles Steadman, senior manager of beverage development for Virgin Voyages. “We have created the perfect pale ale that is both thirst-quenching and refreshingly delicious, but of course, created with a Virgin twist, as we have given our pale beer a little kiss of scarlet red. And who better to partner with on this exciting endeavor than Wynwood Brewing Company, based in Scarlet Lady’s home port of Miami.”
Followers of Virgin Voyages on Instagram can suggest their favorite names within the comments on the post featuring the beer.
“Virgin has always been known for pushing the boundaries in the same way that craft beer has."

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Miller Lite’s New Cantrollers are Beer Cans that Double as Video Game Controllers
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The world of beer and gaming has collided, and no, we don't just mean gamers drinking while playing. Now, gamers can do that and play with their beer can.
Miller Lite has released the first “cantroller,” a can that also doubles as a controller. MillerCoors’ news site, Behind the Beer, reported the “cantroller” is a piece of a growing campaign by Miller Lite that seeks “to appeal to the fast-growing population of gamers.”
“With some 40% of gamers already drinking beer while they play, we’re taking it to the next level by offering them a fun way to enjoy Miller Lite while they play their favorite games,” Miller Lite Senior Manager Justine Stauffer said. “Miller Lite is a fan of gaming of all kinds, and the launch of the Cantroller is another way we’re connecting with the gaming community.”

While the “cantrollers” are a novelty item and no match for the actual controllers that gamers use, they are fully operational 10-button controllers on the side of a can that has actual beer inside. Miller Lite partnered with Unit 9 to create the controllers, which incorporate a flexible circuit board and Bluetooth. The “cantrollers” also have rechargeable three-hour batteries. And don’t fear, they’re also still able to withstand refrigeration. The brand recommends keeping them full for best results, but even if the beer is gone, the controller will still work.
The cans launched at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles with comedian Eric Andre. On June 12, gamers were able to compete against Andre in Street Fighter and if they won, they received a “cantroller.” The cans aren’t currently for sale, so those winners truly have something special. The company made 200 for the initial launch, but several hundred more could be on their way, according to Behind the Beer.
The Cantroller™ from Miller Lite
Beyond the venture into gaming equipment, Miller Lite also launched its own Twitch channel. In the past, the brand hosted Twitch happy hours, became the first alcohol beverage sponsor of HQ Trivia, and has partnered with gaming influencers and livestreamers.
Miller Lite also has signed with esports company Complexity Gaming to be its exclusive alcohol brand, including a Miller Lite Player Lounge at the Complexity’s Texas headquarters and gaming center.
“As Miller Lite evolves our place in the world of gaming and esports, we’re continuing to focus on what it means to be a fan of gaming and building activations that elevate the gaming experience for players and fans,” says Stauffer. “This is an exciting vertical of sports that is ripe with growth and opportunity for us.”

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Crack a Cold One and Get Used to It, Because the IPL is Your New Favorite Beer Style
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India Pale Ales, or IPAs for short, have been the predominant trend in craft beer over the last decade. This beer style promotes extreme hop flavors over everything else, and has been championed by the largest of the craft breweries, with Stone and Dogfish Head leading the way. With that major push, there has been significant trickle down, wherein every brewery no matter how big or small has a signature IPA style.
The IPA has changed along with the times, moving from simply aggressively hopped brews to creative trends like Milkshake IPAs, Session IPAs, and even Black IPAs. Now, though, there is a new spin-off that deserves your attention. It’s time to meet the India Pale Lager.
Ales and lagers are similar beasts that use the same four primary ingredients: water, malt, hops, and yeast. The primary difference is the fermentation method. Ales and lagers use different yeast types, yielding top-fermenting beers (the ales) and bottom-fermenting beers (the lagers). While there can be all types of flavors created within the ale and lager families, many drinkers associate lagers with lighter bodied beers featuring clean, crisp profiles compared to their ale brethren.
So what happens when you blend the big hops of the IPA style with lager yeast and brewing methods? Beautiful, beautiful things. The resulting “India Pale Lager” is ultimately refreshing, bright, and effervescent, and a welcome counterpoint to the hazy IPAs currently trending around the country.
For a specifically solid example of the IPL, search out Gate City Brewing Co’s Citras Maximus. Brewed in Roswell, Georgia, this double dry-hopped beer is packaged in vibrant green, yellow, and orange cans featuring art emblazoned with the brewery’s logo backed by sliced citrus and hop cones. It pours a rich, deep golden color and has a pleasant aroma of pine, grapefruit, and biscuit. The flavors are thirst-quenching, with the Citra hops front and center. Citra provides notes of tropical fruit and citrus, evoking pineapple and orange to complement the delicious base lager. At 5.5% alcohol by volume, it’s a perfect summertime treat. Citras Maximus is easy and enjoyable to drink and a worthy alternative to your current favorite IPA.

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