Poc’s Newest Ski Goggles are the Epitome of Steez

Looking to gear up for slope season? Peep game on Poc’s latest line of snow goggles. Notice anything strange? That’s right – no frames, playboy! Know what that means? It means if you strap a pair of these suckers to your dome, you’ll have an an absolutely massive field of vision as you fly down the slopes. If you plan on hitting the hill hard this winter, we highly suggest you snag yourself a set.

If you’re unfamiliar with the brand, allow us to enlighten you. Poc is a Swedish outdoor gear manufacturer that makes goggles and helmets. They do some other stuff as well, but headgear is how they made a name for themselves, and it’s some of the best gear in the industry. Have yourself a google images shesh with the names of a few pro skiiers and snowboarders, and we can practically guarantee you’ll see the POC brand plastered on the side of a few melons. They know how to make a damn fine set of specs, and people are starting to take notice.

In addition to being super steezy and completely frameless, these new Lid goggs come standard with an interchangeable lens system. This allows them to pop in or out in a snap, so you always have the right lens for any situation. The goggles also feature three layers of foam for extra comfort and breathability.

You can get a pair on your face for around $200 bones. Find out more herec

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