LSTN: Buy Great Headphones, Help Fight Hearing Loss

It may not be Feel Good Friday quite yet, but we’ve come across yet another awesome product that you can feel good about owning, and we didn’t feel like waiting around to tell you about it. LSTN headphones.

They say good things come in threes, and while that might not always be true, it’s definitely the case with this company.

First of all, the mix of wood and steel in these Troubadour headphones lends itself to a sort of pseudo-industrial look that’s sure to turn a few heads. The natural wooden aesthetic has been gaining favor amongst fashion brands lately (particularly in the eyewear industry), but unlike other brands, the wood on these headphones isn’t just about fashion – it’s also about function. Anybody who’s ever played a guitar, a violin, a drum – or hell, even a didgeridoo – knows that wood has unique acoustic properties that produce rich, warm sounds; and it’s no different when it’s used on a pair of cans. With circumaural cups made from beechwood, cherry, and ebony, LTSN’s over-ear headphones pump out a smooth, well-balanced tone.

Second of all, they’re environmentally friendly. LSTN isn’t mowing down trees and contributing to deforestation just to make its products – all of the wood used in their headphones comes from reclaimed furniture, flooring, and industrial scrap. Not only does this make them better for the environment, but it also helps LSTN cut down on production costs and keep their prices low. A pair of Troubadours (the company’s flagship product) retails for just $150, which is a steal when you consider how great they sound.

And finally, in addition to making fashionable, eco-friendly headphones, LSTN also does a bit of philanthropy. For every pair of headphones they sell, LSTN puts a portion of the profits toward Starkey Hearing Foundation – an organization that helps supply deaf people across the globe with hearing aids.

You can get your hands on a pair on LSTN’s website.

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