KEF M500 Headphones

Forget about Dre. Beats are for people who care more about the brand names than sound quality. If you’re going to drop 300 bucks on a pair of headphones, we recommend you skip the overhyped swag-cans and spring for a set of hi-fi boomers that sound just as good as they look – like KEF’s new M500s.

Never heard of KEF headphones before? There’s a reason for that. Up until now the British hi-fi audio manufacturer stuck to making uber high-end speakers and home theater systems. The M500s represent the company’s first foray into the headphone market, but don’t let that fool you. Despite their rookie status in the world of wearable speakers, they know how to make damn fine pair of cans. It’s basically like they just shrunk a pair of their full-size loudspeakers and put them on a headband.

On the outside, the M500s rock a more subtle, understated style than most other high-end headphones on the market – a style that won KEF a coveted Red Dot design award this year. Constructed from brushed aluminum and jet black leather, they’ve got a classic, timeless aesthetic that won’t clash with a sharp suit, but also isn’t too classy for jeans and t-shirt. They look great in any situation, and they’re about as comfortable as it gets. The lightweight frame adapts to the exact shape of your head, and the breathable memory foam ear pads keep your ears comfy even in the longest listening sessions.

But the M500’s beauty isn’t just skin deep – these things sound absolutely stunning. Warm, natural, and perfectly balanced, KEF’s 40mm neodymium drivers are tuned to deliver full range high-def response from 20Hz to 20kHz. Highs come through sparkling and dry, and bass tones are strong without being overpowering. Copper-clad aluminum wire voice coils improve the M500’s high-frequency response to enhance musical subtleties and detail. so in essence, it doesn’t matter what you listen to – jazz, metal, or hyphy Bay-area rap – KEF’s M500s will sound great.

They may not look like a lot of other $300 cans, but they beat them into the ground them when in comes to sound quality. Find out more here.

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