The Neat Ice Kit will Take Your Cocktail Game to the Next Level

If you’re looking to elevate your cocktail mixing game and move beyond amateur status, you need to learn how to make good ice. Nine times out of ten those cubes that come out of your freezer taste funky, and muddle the flavor of your hooch. Not to mention they melt like they’re in a hurry and turn your drink into diluted, watery abomination. So to help remedy this problem and help you make big, professional, perfectly-clear cubes, Studio Neat has developed a special kit.

The Neat Ice Kit consists of four parts — all the tools you need to make fantastic ice. There’s an insulated ice mold that facilitates directional freezing for a clear ice brick,  an ice chisel that you can use to split the ice in half, a durable canvas Lewis Bag for crushing up ice, and a mallet that helps break up ice chunks and doubles as a muddler. The only things you need to provide are are booze and a glass.

This definitely isn’t the first or only artisan ice kit on the market, but it’s also loads more fun than making your ice in a spherical mold. There’s just something so satisfying about chiseling off your own ice brick.

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