Skip the Gold Apple Watch: Here’s 9 Better Ways to Blow $17,000

Unless you live under a rock, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve caught word of Apple’s upcoming smartwatch — the Gold Edition of which will cost a whopping $17,000 bucks. I mean, that’s not unheard of for a luxury timepiece that’ll last for over a century — but 17K for a “watch” that will be obsolete in three years? No thank you. There are far better ways to spend that money. Here’s ten of them:

Timbersled Mountain Horse — $6,600

timbersledThis kit basically turns your dirtbike into a super lightweight snowmobile. You could get two of them for the price of one Gold Apple Watch, and still have enough money to rent a chalet for a week.

Lynx Smart Grill — $7,000

lynxThis thing has two types of burners, temperature sensors that automatically adjust to whatever you’re cooking, and hands-free voice-activated controls. Getting texts on your wrist doesn’t sound so cool anymore, does it?

LG 65-Inch 4k Ultra HD 3D Curved OLED TV — $9,999

LGtvIn the words of Digital Trends’ A/V editor Caleb Denison, “If you’ve got the cash and you want the best TV money can buy today, this is it.” So what’s it gonna be? 65 inches of TV, or 1.5 inches of apps you already have on your phone?

OneWheel — $1,500

onewheelI got a chance to ride one of these things at CES this year, and I can honestly say it’s the most fun thing I’ve ever ridden. It’s all-terrain, so it’s basically like riding a hoverboard.

JetSurf Ultra Sport — $15,500

jetsurfIf the name didn’t already tip you off, JetSurf is basically like the bastard child of a jetski and a surfboard. It’s got an onboard motor inside its hull, and can blast you through the water at up to 57 miles per hour. Allow me to repeat that. Fifty. Seven. Miles. Per. Hour.

Cricket Trailer — $16,750


The guy who created this trailer is an ex-NASA employee who helped design the habitation modules in the International Space Station, so he knows a thing or two about maximizing the utility of small spaces.

Indian Chief Dark Horse – $17,000

dark horseI mean, just look at this thing. Does it get any more badass? You’d be hard-pressed to find a more gangster-lookin’ bike for this price. We’d take matte black over polished gold any day of the week.

Tracking Point Bolt-Action .308 — $12,995

tracking pointThis ain’t your grandpappy’s hunting rifle. Up top, this beast is outfitted with a computerized scope that can mark and track a target, and adjust the gun automatically to place the bullet exactly where you want it.

QuadroFoil — $15,822

quadrofoilHydrofoils are like wings that work underwater. As water passes over them, their shape creates a low pressure zone above the wing, which causes upward thrust. This lifts the boat out of the water, and allows the craft to travel faster than it would otherwise.

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