This Board + Backcountry Powder = Pure Joy

There are few sensations in this world that can compare to the feeling of floating through an untouched waist-deep powder stash on a crisp winter morning. Doing it on skis or a snowboard is one thing, but doing it on a board designed specifically for powder is a completely different experience.

Enter the Mountain Surfer from Jones Snowboards. Designed by infamous surf designer Chirs Chirstenson, the board features a wide, gently curved nose section similar to what you’d find on a surfboard. Unlike a surfboard, however, the tail end of the Mountain Surfer is more concave, and built with a subtle swallowtail design that allows you to charge through pow while still maintaining control.

Up top, the board is equipped with a set of removable hooks, which make it easier to keep your feet locked in while you ride, but without forcing you to physically strap in like you would in a traditional snowboard. It’s basically been designed from the ground up to be the perfect powder board. Check it out in the video below.

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