Feel Good Friday: Kammok Hammocks

Kammok Hammock in woods
It’s time for another Feel Good Friday: our weekly column where we profile a company that not only makes awesome products, but also does awesome things for the world. This week: Kammok – manufacturers of uber-lightweight camping hammocks.

First of all, if you’ve never used a camp hammock before, you’re missing out. They’re super comfy and ridiculously light, which makes them ideal for a quick day hike or a summer overnighter, especially since they take up a fraction of the space that a tent, pad, and sleeping bag would.

Now, to be sure, backpacking hammocks aren’t a new thing. You can pick one up at REI for as low as 40 bucks, and maybe even cheaper online if you find the right place. But the last thing you want is to head out into the wilderness, reach your destination, and then rip through your bed because you bought a cheap hammock (maybe just lay off the beer ice cream?).

The thing that makes Kammok hammocks different is the materials they’re made from. Each one of it’s Roo hammocks is constructed with Kammok’s proprietary diamond ripstop fabric called LunarWave, which is lighter and more durable than any nylon or polyester blends on the market. In the event that something does go wrong with your hammock due to factory error, Kammok will gladly replace it – all of their products come with a lifetime warranty. Oh, and did we mention these things pack down into a pouch smaller than the size of your palm? Pretty awesome, right?

Well guess what – it gets even better.   If you pick up a Roo hammock, not only do you get the comfort of knowing it’ll last you a lifetime, you also get the satisfaction of knowing you helped someone in need. Kammock has a partnership with the nonprofit organization Malaria No More!, so for every Roo they sell, they provide an African family with a treated mosquito net or health education.

Check out their website to learn more about the awesome things they do or place an order.


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