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Dovo Shavette is part straight razor, part disposable

Even with all the crazy modern shave tech that’s been invented over the past few decades, the plain ol’ straight razor still hasn’t been snuffed out — and for good reason. Shaving with a straight razor is arguably one of the best ways to remove fur from your face. Nothing comes closer.

But straight razors aren’t without their downsides. Despite offering a superior shave, they also require a high degree of maintenance. You’ve got to strop the blade before and after each use, sharpen it with a whetstone every couple of months, and store it in the proper environment to avoid corrosion.

To some, this careful maintenance routine is a beautiful, zen-like ceremony that slows down the ritual of shaving and brings back a sort of intimacy that modern shaving techniques have abandoned. To others, it’s a time-wasting pain in the ass.

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If you’re in the latter camp, but still appreciate the closeness of a straight razor shave, this blade from Dovo is for you. With a simple and ingenious design, it straddles the line between straight razor and safety razor to provide the best of both worlds.

The Shavette, as it’s called, is shaped just like a straight razor — but instead of a fixed blade, it sports an integrated plastic clip that holds disposable blades. This allows you to shave just like you would with a traditional straight razor, but skip all the annoying blade maintenance parts. When the razor starts to get dull, you can just swap it out for another one.

And the best part? It costs a fraction of what you’d pay for a good straight razor — although the cost of replacement blades will surely add up over time. Find out more here.

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