Style School: How to Fold a Pocket Square

how to fold a pocket square, paisley pocket square in blue jacket pocket
While it may not seem like a complicated endeavor to the untrained fashionisto, learning how to fold a pocket square can be quite an ordeal. If done well, the accessory is like the final brush stroke on a well-executed masterpiece. If done poorly… well, let’s just say it’ll leave things looking wonky at best.

With summer wedding season upon us, we’ve decided to provide you with a handy go-to guide for some of our favorite pocket square designs. Whether going for something classic or something a little more modern, our step-by-step instructions will have you looking effortlessly cool and stylish.

As with skinning a cat, there is more than one way to fold a pocket square, but no matter the style, there are a few things to always keep in mind:

  • Your square shouldn’t match your tie in either pattern or fabric choice, but can be similar in color. If you’re unsure, white linen is never wrong
  • Pocket squares are meant to be worn with nonchalance. They don’t have to be perfect, so try not to obsess over how they look
  • This isn’t a handkerchief, so for the love of god, please don’t blow your nose with it

Now, onto the folds:

The Straight Fold

This one isn’t particularly difficult to pull off, and is best suited for a more somber occasion.

Straight fold pocket square instructions
  • Start by laying the pocket square flat in front of you
  • Next, fold it in half vertically
  • Fold up the bottom, but keep it below the top line
  • Tuck it in, leaving about a quarter inch visible at the top

The Single Point

Slightly more complicated than the Straight fold, the Single Point is traditional, yet cheeky enough for a fun cocktail party.

Single point pocket square fold instructions
  • Start by laying it flat, but oriented like a diamond rather than a square
  • Fold up the bottom corner to create a triangle
  • Fold the right and left corners of the triangle inward
  • Tuck it in so that only the point peeks out of your pocket

The Double Point

A slight variation on the Single Point, this fold is chic, playful and guaranteed to grab someone’s attention.

The Double Point pocket square instructions
  • Start by laying the pocket square flat and oriented like a diamond
  • Fold up the bottom corner to create two triangles that don’t quite overlap perfectly
  • Fold the right and left corners inward
  • Tuck so that two points are visible above your pocket

The Crown Fold

This one is essentially a three-pointed variation of the previous two folds, but will sometimes come out with four or five points. If that happens, don’t sweat it—remember, the best accessory to any outfit is always confidence.

The Crown Fold pocket square instructions
  • Start by laying the pocket square flat and oriented like a diamond
  • Fold up the bottom corner to create two almost-overlapping triangles
  • Fold the left corner upward sharply so that it’s level with the top points
  • Fold the right corner inward, keeping it low
  • Tuck so that all three points peek out of your pocket

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