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Wyoming Whiskey is Partnering with The National Parks Foundation

Born in one of the prettiest places in the entire country, Wyoming Whiskey is out to help protect that very landscape. The bourbon specialists out of the Cowboy State have released another small-batch selection — one that reflects the brand’s appreciation of its stunning corner of the American West and beyond. The Wyoming Whiskey National Parks Edition is a limited release bottle and $5 from every bottle sold will go to support the National Park Foundation.

Giving back transcends blips in the economy and even global pandemics, especially when you’re surrounded by such natural beauty. And it’s all the more important for an outlet like the Park Service, which always seems to be struggling with lack of funding or dealing with overcrowding in certain parks and, well, people acting foolishly (maybe don’t take that selfie on the edge of the Grand Canyon). Read on to learn more about Wyoming Whiskey’s new partnership.

Meet Co-Founder David DeFazio

David DeFazio is Wyoming Whiskey’s (WW) co-founder. He and his partners have grown up working and enjoying the terrain, whether it be raising cattle on the valley floor or climbing, skiing, and fishing in and around Grand Teton National Park.

“Personally, Grand Teton and Yellowstone have helped define who I am,” DeFazio says. Wanting others to be able to continue to enjoy the country’s many natural wonders just as he has, DeFazio opted to team up with a like-minded organization via a special release.

Enter, the National Parks Limited Edition Whiskey, a spirit adorned with a label depicting the towering Teton range DeFazio knows so well. Ten percent of the whiskey‘s proceeds go toward The National Park Foundation. It’s a significant percentage that will lead to a total donation of $200,000, according to DeFazio. The foundation has been around since 1967, when it was chartered by Congress and tasked with supporting the National Park Service. The tradition continues today, as the organization works to preserve and enhance the many treasured parks within the storied American system.

“Like all of our offerings, we wanted this to stand alone with its own unique flavor profile while staying true to our original wheated bourbon DNA,” he says. “It leads with nutmeg and five spices on the nose, which is a bit different from our traditional small batch bourbon. The palate has our signature orange and honey notes, but adds a distinct plum flavor that is unique and then has a long finish of oak and sweet orange.”

We tend to agree and the whiskey is set up perfectly to either sip or, better still, serve as the base for an Old Fashioned.

For anybody lucky enough to have spent any time in this gorgeous part of the world, it’s easy to see why you’d never want it to go away (and even if you haven’t been, Ansel Adams can make you an instant believer). The toothy range and slithering Snake River alone are jaw-dropping. There’s a majesty you don’t get in many other places.

“The Tetons dominate the landscape with a severe beauty that can border on intimidating and I like that intensity,” DeFazio says. He also points to the world-class recreational opportunities of the region, practically unparalleled and very much worth protecting. Even better, there’s an absolute ruggedness that DeFazio believes makes it so very unique. “Avalanches, grizzlies, colder-than-normal temperatures, and rapidly changing weather require planning that isn’t involved in your average walk in a park,” he admits. “It’s those challenges that make this place special.”

How this Spirit is Helping National Parks

The brand has long looked to assist the great lands right in its backyard, of which there are many. Kirby, Wyoming is within striking distance of all kinds of magical American landscapes, from Yellowstone National Park to the Shoshone and Bighorn National Forests, among others. Last year, WW partnered with Yellowstone Forever, donating $5 of each bottle of its Wilderness Bourbon sold to the cause.

How You Can Support

While this special edition bottle is only available online right now, you will start seeing this in stores, in select states.

The latest whiskey was released as part of a live e-auction, something DeFazio hopes will go live and in the flesh next year, provided it’s safe. He admits there were a few glitches but the overall donation is what matters. DeFazio points to successful off-premise and e-premise sales. “The uncertainty that we faced last March was unlike anything we had faced before and our initial projections were grim,” he says. “But those projections were wrong and we witnessed the best year in our company’s history in terms of growth.”

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This feature is part of our Brands Giving Back Series, where we’ll bring you all the latest news on brands that are giving back to the community, and how you can support them by shopping online.

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