Wolverine Ramparts Boot Collection Provides Support On and Off the Job

Footwear and apparel company Wolverine has long been a favorite at The Manual. We’ve always admired the durable, high-quality leather boots they’ve been pushing out for over 135 years, and now we have even more of a reason to support the Detroit, Michigan-based cordwainers. The limited-edition Wolverine Ramparts boot is a stouthearted work boot that also gives back to veterans in the U.S.

For every boot sold in the Ramparts collection over the course of 2019, Wolverine and its Project Bootstrap team are dedicating 5% of its online proceeds to Workshops for Warriors, a nonprofit organization that provides educational and training programs to help veterans prepare for career opportunities in the trades and manufacturing. Considering how difficult it is for veterans to find jobs where their skills will translate, this commitment is huge for both our beloved servicemen and our economy.

Wolverine Ramparts boot limited edition
The Wolverine Limited-Edition Ramparts Boot is crafted with American-made Roadmaster leather from Chicago’s Horween Factory. Wolverine

“We’re proud to offer a boot built for American workers by American workers,” said Andrew Shripka, vice president of marketing for Wolverine. “Having this made-in-America boot benefit an organization whose mission is to rebuild American manufacturing and support our veterans is a great way for Wolverine and our customers to say thank you to our veterans as they enter this next chapter of their careers.” 

Hand-crafted in America, the Wolverine Ramparts boot collection is offered in three different styles and three separate color schemes that are designed for heavy labor, supreme comfort, and that offer a surprising amount of rustic style. 

Wolverine Ramparts boot limited edition
Other options in Wolverine’s Ramparts collection, including a 6-inch and 8-inch boot. Wolverine

The boots, which feature Wolverine’s coveted DuraShocks technology, provides everything needed to get through a tough day on the job site. The collection sports a footbed reinforced with superior shock absorption to return energy into movement, as well as an extremely tough abrasion resistance for added longevity in the field. 

And, it boasts an ideal breathable and waterproof membrane with pristine moisture-wicking abilities to offer support and protection whether you’re busting your bum on a hot summer day or you find yourself immersed in cold and wet winter elements. 

So what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a new pair of comfortable and durable work boots and help our veterans craft new career skills, all at once. 

The Wolverine Ramparts boot collection is available now, retailing for $230 on the Wolverine website.

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