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Our four favorite underwear brands

It’s a new season and that means new underwear. Yeah, yeah you have your faves but seriously, take a look in that drawer of drawers and revisit your old faithfuls. Saggy? Stained? Ripped? Yep, we thought so. Instead of going for the sad old BVD’s, take it up a notch with four favorite underwear brands we (and our jewels) are loving.

Mack Weldon

These guys have been making waves for their easy online shopping experience (if it doesn’t fit, send it back!) and quality product. Made with super soft 18-hour Jersey as well as a no roll waistband and mesh cooling zones, this boxer brief is the bomb.

Olivers Apparel

This classic boxer brief has a 4-way stretch so you are never caught in a pinch (!). Moisture-wicking Swiss fabric feels good on the skin and the active silver in the fabric eliminates odor. Plus the Iron, Cobalt and Slate color choices are a nice change from your usual black or white.


The name alone is worth owning a pair or two. Founded by Trent Kitsch, a devoted outdoorsman, these should be a staple for every athletic dude (their booth at Outdoor Retailer was packed every day if that is proof!).

The brand is based on the combination of technology and innovation. There is an articulated front pouch and patented internal mesh panel giving you plenty of freedom down below. Each pair has a moisture wicking waistband and Saxx only uses the best technical fabrics.


Naked has a signature stretch, signature stitch and signature fabrics. It is almost like buying bespoke! While there are many great briefs and trunks, the Naked Shield really got our attention. It incorporates techonology to block 99.99% of the wireless signals generated by mobile and computing devices dudes tend to keep near their nether regions. As they say, ‘it’s protecting fathers or those who want to be father’s one day!’ Does it work? Who knows. Do they make you look like an awesome cyborg? Hell yes.

Also, Naked has developed amazing fabrics that carry the Oeko Text 100 certification, an international standard which ensures their products contain zero harmful substances. Their manufacturers adhere to the Business Compliance Initiative (BSCI), establishing partnerships that respect human dignity, minimize risk and maximize opportunity through an ethical approach to the supply chain

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