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The 6 Best Men’s Outdoor Clothing Camping Brands for Fall 2022

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Are you looking forward to camping in the great outdoors this fall? High five! That makes two of us. Before you pack your bags and head out of town, though, you need to consider the type of outdoor clothes you need to wear, as well as the weather, terrain, and activities to plan for during the days in and around your campsite.

No, you don’t just pick whatever shirt is available in your favorite retail outlet. You need to prioritize functionality and fabric. For example, investing in a high-quality outdoor jacket and moisture-wicking clothing is a wise decision as it will make your trip more comfortable. Meanwhile, wearing hiking pants and long-sleeve shirts or performance t-shirts wards off pesky insects and protects you from the unpredictable weather.

Overall, being prepared for a trip all boils down to what you wear. Whether you are trekking to and around your campsite or enjoying the company of yourself (or your loved ones), we’ve rounded up a list of the best outdoor camping clothing brands to make your outdoor excursions a comfortable experience. Should you need more options, we’ve also rounded up the best men’s clothing stores you can check out.

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Man wearing Cumulus outdoor gear.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Polish brand Cumulus was founded by Zdzisław Wylężek in 1989. Before becoming a founder, he first worked as a tents and panniers designer in Żagiel. Only then did Wylężek become cognizant of the quality of Polish down, a lightweight material known for its superb thermal insulation properties.

Although Cumulus first developed sleeping bags in partnership with Pertex, the brand has expanded its offerings to include cozy apparel and accessories for consumers. Now composed of a team of outdoor and nature lovers, Cumulus is a well-established company known for valuing ethical production and leveraging advanced technologies.


Two men wearing Marmot jackets while setting up their campsite.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Believe it or not, Marmot was founded by Eric Reynolds and Dave Huntley after the duo ditched their classes for a few months. Quite an odd backstory, eh? Things got more interesting when they established Marmot Club, a social mountain-climbing club, once the duo returned home. Reynolds and Huntley then collaborated with Tom Boyd, leading the ambitious pair to develop their first products, such as sleeping bags.

Today, Marmot is recognized for promoting fair working standards and diversity in the production line and the outdoors, respectively. What’s more, Marmot offers sustainable clothes (and gear) for camping across every price point, making it an approachable brand for frugal campers.

Mountain Hardwear

Mountain Hardwear tents.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Established in 1993 by a small team of outdoor industry iconoclasts, Mountain Hardware is a brand that empowers outdoor athletes with its high-performance clothing and equipment. Now, the brand endeavors to offer customers better experiences in camping and other outdoor activities through products that boast weather resistance or protection, moisture management, and temperature control. Because at the end of the day, who wouldn’t want to have a memorable and comfortable camping trip?

Outdoor Research

Man sitting in front of an Outdoor Research tent.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Adventurer and scientist Rob Gregg witnessed his friend — who suffered from frostbite due to a badly designed pair of gaiters — get evacuated by a helicopter, cutting their Denali expedition short. This tragic incident pushed Gregg to address gear issues and follow his passion, namely adventure. He founded Outdoor Research, envisioning that the best gear makes adventures more enjoyable for everyone.

With that, Gregg released an apparel line and travel accessories for adventurers. Its fashionable apparel collection is designed to protect you against the elements, regardless of whether you’re cozying up in your camping tent or exploring the campsite.


Man wearing Smartwool clothing.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Did you know that the founders of Smartwool started making socks because they wanted to ski longer without getting their feet cold? Little did they know that sock-making would lead them to discover a moisture-wicking performance fabric: Merino wool.

With their newfound discovery, Smartwool became the first outdoor brand to manufacture merino wool ski socks, keeping everyone’s feet warm and dry. Since then, Smartwool has launched its collection of merino wool clothing for men (and women). Given Smartwool’s choice of material, we believe its clothing line is ideal for nature lovers who love camping at mountaintops.


Man and woman preparing their REI camping gear in their van's trunk.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Lloyd and Mary Anderson needed to find ways to obtain outdoor gear. The only gear accessible to them was a $20 ice ax, and $20 was too steep of an amount back in 1935. Hence, the Andersons relied on middlemen to get better-priced ice axes. Unfortunately, they only received counterfeit Austrian merchandise from these middlemen. Lloyd decided to source quality ice axes directly from Austria and have them shipped to Seattle at $3.50 each. The pair’s efforts in securing quality axes caught their friends’ attention.

Three years later, the Andersons and their 21 friends founded REI (Recreational Equipment Inc.) — a member-owned cooperative that believes “a life outdoors is a life well lived.” All products from the collection are environment-friendly and durable, with each one elevating your outdoor experience. Plus-size adventurers are welcome to shop as clothing options come in extended sizes. Given the brand’s accessibility and diverse product selections, REI is every adventurer’s go-to retailer.

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