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The best winter running gear: Our top picks to start 2023 off right

Make winter running easier with this useful gear

The Best Fitness Gear Checklist for New Year’s Resolutions
fitness at home burpee.

With the new year just around the corner, now is the time when many of us start setting fitness-related new year's resolutions. Maybe your goal is to lose weight, or maybe you're trying to get stronger, or perhaps your intention is to take your existing training routine to the next level. Whatever the case, you need the right gear to help you reach your goal. To that end, we've put together the best fitness gear checklist for supporting your New Year's Resolution.

This list of fitness gear recommendations covers all the bases in terms of the key products you need, from shoes to clothes to headphones and more. Consider this your checklist of the fitness equipment must-haves for helping you reach your goals and achieve your resolution for the coming year.

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The Best Yoga Gear for Getting Into Shape
the best men s yoga pants mens

There’s a lot of yoga gear out there and it's not just about yoga mats, but what's on offer is most certainly not all created equal. Subpar yoga gear falls apart, slips when you need it to grip, and sometimes it looks just plain trashy—and no one wants to look trashy while in downward dog pose. Quite the opposite. You want the best yoga gear, and we’re here to share the latest and greatest.

Each and every item included in this roundup has been tested first-hand. No cribbing from Amazon reviews here. The products below have been through a multitude of stretching sessions by this reviewer, and you can count on their quality.

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The Best Weightlifting Gear and Lifting Accessories
An African-American athlete doing the Single-Arm Reverse Lunge and Overhead Press

Young athlete doing strength training with dumbbell while in lunge position at gym. skynesher

Back when the ancient Greeks established the foundations of what would become our modern conception of weightlifting, while they did have weights, they had little else in the form of gear. In fact, they went to the gym entirely nude—the word “gymnazein” actually meant “to exercise naked.” Clearly, we do things a little differently these days, using all varieties of specialized workout clothing and tools. That’s what we’re here to look at now: The best weightlifting gear.

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