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The 10 best wool coats for men this winter

Stay warm and in style with these wool coats

Man in cashmere coat
Michael Fenton / Unsplash

Winter is here, and that means it is getting cold outside. Of course, your closet is probably already in the process of switching to clothing that can keep you warm through the colder months. But one thing that can’t be missing is the right collection of coats. Winter coats are varied in their styles and materials, but one of the most common and must-have for your closet is the wool coat. While you can stick with the basics and go for the charcoal overcoat or the duffle, there are also some more stylish and unique options.

Of course, you can scour the internet to find some, or you can let us do the legwork and take a look at some of the best men’s coats we have gathered from the top brands on the market.

Man wearing The Normal Brand Lan Jacket
The Normal Brand

The Normal Brand Lan Jacket

Born out of St. Louis, The Normal Brand is the brainchild of brothers Conrad, Jimmy, and Lan. They endeavor to make designer clothing more normal, and they know normal because they are normal. This jacket, named for Lan, is built for warmth with a soft wool blend and a taffeta lining. The quilted inner lining will keep you as warm as the outer striking pattern will keep you stylish.

&Sons Boardwalk Peacoat

&Sons Boardwalk Peacoat

Rugged masculinity is rarely the first thing you think about when you discover a new brand. But &Sons’ dedication to making vintage-inspired workwear will take you back to the old days and the classic masculinity that built America. This peacoat’s vintage naval coat is the perfect throwback to the high seas and will elevate virtually every outfit.

Man wearing Savage Gentleman Ketchum
Savage Gentleman

Savage Gentleman Ketchum

Speaking of rugged masculinity, Savage Gentleman looks to remind men of the days when they were savages by nature, but gentlemen by choice. While it believes men should be well versed in many different avenues, its style is classically masculine. The Ketchum sporting jacket resembles old British hunting jackets with button pockets and a leather patch on the shoulder to protect it from a rifle’s kickback.

Man wearing Pendleton Boulder Trucker Jacket

Pendleton Boulder Trucker

Six generations of family ownership bring the best of the best of Western wear to the new generation of men. Pendleton is known for its world-famous woolen mills, and therefore, when searching for a wool coat, this is one of the first places you should look. This trucker jacket is made from Australian wool and is waterproof, standing up to the elements and looking great while you do.

Buffalo Jackson Wesley Coat
Buffalo Jackson

Buffalo Jackson Wesley Coat

What is in a name? To Buffalo Jackson, everything. Each garment that carries the name Buffalo Jackson is intended to be classic and durable enough to pass down to grandkids. It honors the timeless tradition of learning a skill with your hands and earning it with your hands. The Wesley is a riding jacket at heart, perfect for horses and motorcycles. Look carefully at old photographs, and you are likely to see this coat popping up all over the place.

J.Crew Ludlow Car Coat
Image used with permission by copyright holder

J.Crew Ludlow Car Coat

J.Crew has long been the go-to destination for preppy nautical and Ivy League apparel. it goes a little further down the classic apparel route with this camel hair car coat. Once it became iconic in the middle of the 20th century, the car coat established itself as a must-have for any man. This option is perfect for your closet.

Filson Decatur Island Wool Jacket

Filson Decatur Island Wool Jacket

Filson brings a century’s worth of adventurous spirit to the menswear world, perfect for outdoorsmen. Of course, as the brand grew, its reputation followed. Now it is the primary provider of everything an adventurer could want. The Decatur Island Wool Jacket combines two of the most classic men’s staples: the wool jacket and the cardigan. Heavy like a jacket, styled like a cardigan, this is the perfect garment for the classic gentleman.

State & Liberty Open Collar Overcoat
State & Liberty

State & Liberty Open Collar Overcoat

Sometimes, dressing up can feel stuffy. The tight, stiff, and overly dressy looks can make some men feel claustrophobic. That is where State & Liberty comes into play. Its suits and shirts are as moveable as they are stylish, and this coat follows that same format. Five buttons and a versatile collar make the overcoat one of the better choices for your winter closet.

Man wearing Banana Republic Sendero Topcoat
Banana Republic

Banana Republic Sendero Topcoat

There is something to be said about a classic. And a solid topcoat to wear over your suits is something that everyone needs. Landing just above the knee, this topcoat is perfect for protecting your suits from the elements. And of course, the gray is a blank slate for every outfit that goes with almost anything you can put together.

Man wearing Johnstons of Elgin Balmacaan Wool Coat
Johnstons of Elgin

Johnstons of Elgin Balmacaan Wool Coat

Made in Scotland for nearly 200 years, Johnstons of Elgin is one of the primary brands for anything classic style. For as unique as the Lan jacket is and as classic as the Sendero topcoat is, the Balmacaan is the perfect mix of both. This peak garment features cashmere pockets and a removable throat guard, giving you everything you need to brave the elements.

Now that you have the best of the best in wool coats for the winter, you are ready to brave the cold, snow, ice, and any event that needs you to look your best.

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