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Swatch teases new Snoopy Moonswatch that’s basically an instabuy for us

Swatch teases a Snoopy watch

red Swatch moonswatch
Swatch / Swatch

When Swatch released the Moonswatch collection in 2022, it was the ultimate buy for any watch lover. The beautifully crafted timepieces were one-of-a-kind and gave a special ode to the Omega Speedmaster. Each of the eleven watches was crafted under its own ‘mission,’ and each aptly came with its own set of colors. The unique color personality of each watch made it a must-have for watch lovers who loved the details similar to the more luxurious Speedmaster but with their unique color markings. During this first release, the anticipation of these watches was extreme, with consumers only allowed to purchase one timepiece at a time due to the increased attention and demand. 

Although the Moonswatch collection has since seen better days, with less than enthusiastic limited edition releases, their newest tease reminds everyone of the craze behind the first Moonswatch release, with the help of a very recognizable friend. 

Snoopy x Swatch Moonswatch collaboration

In a mysterious Instagram, Swatch recently uploaded a small teaser video that involves Snoopy closing the iconic Moonswatch case with a telling moon appearing brighter in the background. While this wasn’t a direct announcement, it’s a fairly obvious hint that one of the people’s favorite cartoons is coming to the Moonswatch collection.

While we have yet to see how Swatch will include Snoopy in the watch, users are already ready to grab their own. Many Instagram users call the upcoming collection “one of the best yet.” After the less exciting release of the previous watches that only included slight differences from the original collection, this is a good sign of excitement for the watch company.

When to expect the newest release? 

While Swatch has yet to confirm (or deny!) the Snoop collection, it’s important to note the release pattern Swatch uses for its Moonswatches. While the original collections are named after the planets and stars, their most recent releases correlated to lunar events. With releases during the Harvest Moon or Blood Moon, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the company drop its newest piece during the next important moon event. Following this pattern, we could likely see the collaboration drop during the supermoon on February 9.  

Even though there’s still a lot of information to wait for, there’s no denying that the buzz around this collaboration is already creating an exciting atmosphere. Swatch and Omega have previously worked with Snoopy in other timepieces, making this a return collaboration. And while the most recent Moonswatch releases were lackluster, adding the Peanuts character is more than enough to get you in line for this new piece. 

But even if Snoopy isn’t enough to convince you, the low price and close comparison to the Omega Speedmaster is another factor to consider. With previous Moonswatches ranging around $300, this collaboration is another great deal to help extend and elevate your watch collection. 

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