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Fall Fashion Picks From DL1961, Falconeri, and Sanctuary

With fall colors dropping and autumn pants and shirts popping, this seems like the perfect time to look at a few new seasonal threads that might help to keep the Manual man warm and in vogue as colder days descend.


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This September, Los Angeles-based lifestyle brand Sanctuary launched its first foray into menswear. With over 20 years of fashion experience, Sanctuary aims to create an everyday men’s wardrobe that prioritizes design and function. 

In jumping into menswear, the brand not only leaned on its own experience, but partnered with 2253 Apparel to shape its first men’s drop. Garments include lightweight, relaxed logo tees, sweatshirts, a bomber jacket, denim and cotton button-ups, twill pants, and a classic straight jean. 

Camouflage and plaid prints go along with neutral colors that unfold throughout the lineup, providing the perfect opportunity to add some personality to your closet. Casual and comfortable, Sanctuary’s men’s line reflects current business culture while injecting style and character.

“In our ever changing society and times, the most powerful and enduring brands are built from the heart,” Sanctuary CEO Ken Polanco said. “With 2253 Apparel, we have found a void in the men’s marketplace for better fabrications, fit, and design at an affordable price point.”

You can find Sanctuary online at and at select retailers including Macy’s and Nordstrom. Prices range from $39 – $139. 

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DL 1961 enters fall adding to its already fashionable line of men’s slacks. This includes the Russell, its bestselling straight fit pants, now appearing in acorn, coastal plain, and rattan colors. Relaxed through the seat and thigh, the Russell is straight from the knee toward the ankle.

For a true slim-fit jean, look no further than the Nick with streamlined legs lean through the thigh all the way to the ankle. Rich deep forest and timber colors highlight the coming dark season, the Nick is always dyed with black oxide hardware to elicit super soft knit denim; $158. 

In its commitment to sustainable textiles, DL 1961 jeans are always constructed using shredded old denim and post-consumer waste woven into eco-friendly, high-performance yarn. Hand-finished using waterless laser and Ozone technologies in family-owned facilities, each pair of jeans takes less than 10 gallons of water to produce, as opposed to the industry average of 1,500 gallons. 


Two years after it entered the U.S. market, Italian clothing company Falconeri continues to put out sleek, stylin’ threads. The brand is also staying true to its goal of democratizing cashmere, offering the downy goat wool at an affordable price without compromising on the quality of the thread and broadcasting a transparent supply chain, from the Mongolian steppe to artisan production that ends at its commercial heart in Vigna Clara, Italy. 

This superior cashmere takes center stage in the Falconeri’s fall 2021 collection, featuring new styles and colors. Falconeri’s ‘Ultralight Cashmere Crew Neck Sweater’ sports 100% ultralight combed cashmere that’s distinguished by a special seamless knit. As a slim-fit shirt, it’s perfect either worn alone or under a jacket; beginning at $149.

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