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The Best Wallets for Men, from Leather Billfolds to Minimalist Card Holders

When a friend of mine took me shopping once — in Las Vegas, of all places — he informed me we were shopping for a wallet that would make a good impression; i.e., “when strippers see it, they’ll know I have money.” Well, we’re all for a billfold that makes a statement (leaving aside who that statement is directed to), but we prefer the kind that gets attention when it’s held in your hand, not bulging out of a pocket like a portable filing cabinet.

In these days of ApplePay, LevelUp, and Venmo, it seems a shame to ruin the lines of a perfectly broken-in pair of jeans (or tailored dress pants, for that matter) with a lumpy throwback to when cash was king. Sometimes, though, a credit card or cold, hard cash are a necessary evil; as is having proper identification. Luckily, today’s wallets feature the three “S’s.” Slim, stylish, and secure. 

Now, in the days of quarantining, you may find you barely have need of a wallet, but for those few days when we do need to venture out to the store — and probably not so much to the strip club — here are a few of our picks for keeping your funds close at hand. Besides, Father’s Day and College graduation ceremonies are right around the corner, so why not send something nice to a man in your life who may be celebrating from home?

Makr Cascade Wallet

MAKR Wallet

Makr breaks it down to the bare basics with four “terraced” pockets for a few essential cards, and a main section for folded cash. It’s super simple and elegant, made from soft, Horween leather to tuck smoothly into the tightest pocket. It’s made in the USA, and, with a little TLC, this amazingly classic piece will last a lifetime. 

Taylor Stitch Minimalist Billfold Wallet

Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch keeps it simple and classic with this card case made from full-grain Spanish cowhide. Stash your I.D., a credit card, and a few other essentials, plus a few bills, and you’re ready to roll. Keep it clean and do a nightly purge of the receipts and other flotsam and jetsam gathered during the day. 

Stuart & Lau Slim Wallet

Stuart & Lau Wallet

This Stuart & Lau wallet is engineered to hold up to ten cards and cash in its origami-like interior, all while maintaining a slim silhouette. It features an easy access slot on the back for that one card you use all the time — work I.D.? Commuting pass? Debit card? — and offers six color choices. 

Bellroy Slim Sleeve Wallet 

Belroy Wallet

Bellroy keeps your two most-used cards at the ready in a “quick-draw flap,” while organizing up to 10 more behind a “quick-pull” tab. Fold bills into the opposite section. Bellroy features a “nude approach” to its environmentally certified leather; sustainably using less material in construction so the wallet has less bulk. 

Secrid Slimwallet Vintage Blue

Secrid Wallet

Secrid applies modern Danish design principles to its Slimwallet. The piece works kind of like a Jack-In-The-Box for your cards: keep the cards you use every day— credit, debit, driver’s license — in the aluminum section. For easy access, push the button to pop up your cards. Place less frequently used cards in the pockets, and paper money in the file section.  

The Ridge Aluminum Wallet 

The Ridge Wallet

Think of The Ridge as a sort of tank for your money and credit cards. Its lightweight aluminum-meets-elastic construction can hold up to 12 cards and it will never stretch out. An exterior elastic money clip keeps cash handy. Not tough enough? The Ridge also comes in carbon fiber, forged carbon, and titanium editions, as well as Hawaiian print models for a little fun. 

Maison Kitsuné Zipped Card Holder

Maison Kitsune Wallet

This card holder is as practical as it is festive. It not only features a secure zipped compartment to keep bills and maybe even a few coins secure, it also has slots for cards. We also like the clip, handy to attach a few keys or to hook the wallet to the inside of a bag, jacket, or belt loop for safekeeping.  The “Chillax Fox” imprint makes it fun and sophisticated. 

Kenzo Cardholder on Strap

Kenzo Wallet

This canvas cardholder seems made for summer’s more active days. Kenzo’s embroidered tiger head and logo — not to mention the bright orange hue — provide some serious style cred, but this piece is pragmatic, too. A snapped flap protects cards, while a zipper compartment provides slots and a place to stash essentials. The strap makes it easy to throw around the neck or shoulder if no pockets are available: It’s perfect for the beach! 

Title of Work Folded Wallet with Box Chain

Title of Work Wallet

Practicality and attitude meet luxury and fine craftsmanship in this wallet from Title of Work. The wallet itself is supple Italian Napa lamb, while the chain is made from sterling silver; all handmade in the brand’s New York City atelier. Keep your credit cards and a few dollars secure and coddled, all at the same time. 

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