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10 Best Merino Wool Socks After One Year of Testing

You can tell a lot about a man by his socks. The inch or two of the ankle you see peeking out between pant cuff and shoe speak volumes about his sartorial sensibility. A sock can first and foremost be judged by the fiber. By the time you’re wearing good denim and getting good haircuts (read: not from Supercuts), you should be well past the cotton tube sock stage. Merino wool is the natural pick for quality, durability, warmth, softness, and style.

We field-tested the best Merino wool socks available in the most variable conditions you can imagine: The challenging terrain and unpredictable weather of a year in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. After enduring the rigors of muddy trails, slushy streets, alternating extremes of heat and cold, sun and rain, and a 6-foot snowdrift that had us tunneling out the door for our lives (true story), these socks have earned their place on The Manual’s “best of” list.

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Danish Endurance Merino Wool Hiking Socks

If you’re looking for a great gift idea for a man, these Merino wool socks by Danish Endurance are worth considering. These socks designed in Denmark are made of the highest quality materials and have a comfortable fit. Whether they want to hike or go trekking these socks will keep their feet dry and snug with the Merino wool’s breathable material. Whether you want to give these socks to yourself or as a gift, they are highly guaranteed to reach the mountain top.

Best for: Outdoor wear and trekking

People Socks Merino Wool Socks

Owning Merino wool socks doesn’t have to put a gaping hole in your wallet. You can find high quality merino wool socks with People Socks. If you’re busy at work all day, these comfortable yet functional socks will keep your feet dry. These socks are also perfect in keeping your feet warm. With these 71% merino wool socks, a more budget-friendly price won’t compromise the socks’ overall quality.

Best for: Work boots

Fun Toes Men’s Crew Merino Wool Socks

Keep your feet warm and cozy even in the dead of winter with these Merino wool socks by Fun Toes. Made from Merino wool and nylon, these socks provide the perfect weight for winter time. They remain lightweight for a comfortable fit. Aside from that, these socks feel soft to the skin so you won’t experience any itching or odors caused by other Merino wool socks. Get your money’s worth with this pack of six pairs of socks.

Best for: Winter wear

Meriwool Merino Wool Hiking Socks

Your hiking adventures don’t have to be all pain and no gain with these Merino wool socks by Meriwool. These socks are ideal to wear during hikes since it has a thick and water-resistant covering which help keep your feet dry. While taking on that long trail, you won’t barely feel any blisters on your feet since it is made of comfortable materials. Aside from that these socks also have moisture wicking and compression support properties.

Best for: Hiking

Darn Tough Micro Crew Light Cushion Socks

When I first put these on, my initial thought was, “These are the best socks I’ve ever worn.” Sit with that for a minute. After a year-plus of punishing all-season use, these socks have more than lived up to their name. With virtually no wear on the toes or heel, the only sign that they’ve ever come out of the package is the broken-in softness they now boast. They’re thin, but fit as snug as a fist in a jar, and to this day have never slid down the leg of any of our testers.

Best for: Hiking, outdoor sports, everyday wear

Farm to Feet Medium Weight Crew Socks

Farm to Feet Medium Weight Crew Socks

Farm to Feet socks just make us feel good. They’re tough, they’re warm, and they make us feel like we’re supporting a good cause, e.g., a farm. (Which is extra good on weekends when we oversleep and miss the farmers’ market.) The outer plaiting texture protects the integrity of the soft inner yarns, providing great feel and reliable insulation. Our first pair has lasted well over a year — our thrifty ancestors would approve.

Best for: General outdoor wear

Neverquit Apparel Merino Wool HexaShock Padded Crew Socks

Neverquit Apparel Merino Wool Sock
Neverquit Apparel

This Canadian startup claims to have built the best socks ever — and the brand just might be right. With marshmallowy soft hexagonal cushioning and ergonomically tailored construction, Neverquit’s Merino model is our go-to sock when snow begins to fall. They’ll make your heaviest boots feel like a pair of broken-in Clarks, while the hydrophobic custom Merino blend ensures that even if you post-hole up to your knees, your toes will stay dry and toasty. These ultra-technical socks are even infused with zinc oxide to combat odor, so you can prop those feet up by the wood stove with no shame.

Best for: Winter sports

Boardroom Socks

Boardroom Socks

If you’re as tired as we are of dress socks that fray, pill, and — worst of all — constantly slip down your calves, you’re going to swoon over these merino dress socks. Crafted by a North Carolina family who has been in the textile business for seven generations, these socks are not only slip-proof (and shrink-proof!) but deliciously soft and eminently breathable, ensuring dryness and comfort in all seasons. Plus, there’s just something about knowing that pink polka dots are lurking below your work-appropriate khakis.

Best for: Office and street wear

Swiftwick Persuit Zero Socks

Swiftwick Merino Wool Socks

We wanted to love Bombas — we really did. But after one too many big toe bust-throughs, we were ecstatic to trade them out for Swiftwick’s tough-as-nails no-show socks. Their Pursuit Zero sock is built for hard use, with bolstered durability in high abrasion areas, a mid-cushion for cloud-soft comfort, an engineered fit that conforms to the contours of your feet, and that magical heel tab that ensures your no-show socks stay put. Who knew socks could be so high-tech?

Best for: Running, high-impact casual wear

Smartwool Hunt Extra Heavy OTC Socks

Smartwool Hunt Extra Heavy OTC Socks

Another well-deserved brand name for a line of well-engineered Merino socks that just don’t quit. The Smartwool sock catalog is so deep, it even has a Sock Finder feature on its website. Since we’re being pressed to choose just one pair to feature, we offer for your consideration the Hunt Extra Heavy OTC Sock. Its impact-absorbent cushioning, arch/ankle support and flat-knit toe seam keep you dancing along the most punishing terrain.

Best for: Hard wear on the trail

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