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You Need An Elbow-Patch Shirt This Season

Perhaps the time has come to pick out another shirt for a casual day at the office or a winter holiday on the road — the next time you find yourself stuck with what to wear in terms of weekday or weekend style, you should be reaching for an elbow-patch shirt. Yes, that’s right — an elbow-patch shirt with both old-school inspiration and modern style. The best elbow-patch shirts do a bit of everything, from layering atop your favorite henley to standing in for your trusty Oxford shirt at holiday dinner. The elbow patches provide some seasonal texture, too — and heck, when done the right way, one of the best elbow-patch shirts can function at home or in the field with ease. Still not convinced? Allow our picks to lead the way.

Jachs NY Olive Windowpane Elbow-Patch Shirt

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Perhaps the top example of an elbow-patch shirt that can be both old-school and modern at the same time, we love the rich olive color and unique windowpane pattern, touches that make this classic elbow-patch shirt easy to wear with chinos or jeans in equal measure.

Pendleton Elbow-Patch Trail Shirt

Pendleton Elbow-Patch Trail Shirt
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Leave it to Pendleton to come through with a rugged trail shirt that exemplifies the brand’s approach to heritage-quality menswear — the elbow patches contrast nicely with the black wool fabric.

Orvis Tech Chambray Plaid Work Shirt

Orvis Tech Chambray Plaid Work Shirt
Image used with permission by copyright holder

If you prefer your elbow patch shirts to be more subdued, then take a look at the outdoors-minded Tech Chambray Plaid Work Shirt, with reinforced elbow patches that are a bit more subtle.

Ball and Buck Camo Hunter’s Shirt

Ball and Buck Camo Hunter's Shirt
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The great thing about the best elbow-patch shirts is that those elbow patches really can come in handy when it comes to extra toughness and reinforcement — witness the quilted elbow patches on this field-ready Ball and Buck Hunter’s Shirt (the cool camo pattern doesn’t hurt, either).

Filson Lightweight Shooting Shirt

Filson Lightweight Shooting Shirt
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Again, it’s quite helpful that the best elbow-patch shirts feature the ideal blend of functionality and rugged durability with style — this lightweight shooting shirt (also available for right-handers) is a prime example of that ideal blend.

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