5 Best Chinos for Men to Shop this Season

What’s the most classic pair of pants you can own? Well, besides dark blue denim, that is. For our money’s worth, we might say a finely crafted set of chinos is the ideal answer. A menswear staple that found its way from the military back to the United States decades ago, chinos are now crafted in slimmer cuts and different colors, but often out of the same sturdy cotton twill that made them so prized for their durability.

We think we’ve found five new favorites. The great thing about chinos? You can wear them with all the same menswear essentials you might pair with jeans, and they look all the better for it — casual yet cool, polished yet laidback, at home with a classic henley or an expertly rumpled Oxford shirt. Yes, you need chinos, but not just any pair.

Taylor Stitch Slim Chinos in British Khaki

Taylor Stitch Slim Chinos in British KhakiStitch Slim Chinos in British Khaki

Arguably — no, easily — some of the best men’s chinos on the market, Taylor Stitch makes this classic pair the right way, featuring a tailored-but-not-too-slim fit and brushed organic cotton plus spandex for timeless styling potential. Plus, the vintage San Francisco map printing on the interior pockets is pretty cool, too.

Save Khaki Light Twill Trousers

Save Khaki Light Twill Trouses

If you were to look up the word “chinos” in the dictionary, perhaps this iconic pair from Save Khaki United (featuring a versatile straight-leg fit and garment-dyed cotton) might show up. Wear these right now with a chambray shirt, then keep them handy to pair with your favorite tee for easygoing spring and summer style.

JACHS NY Bowie Stretch Chino Pants

JACHS NY Bowie Chinos

With a name like “Bowie,” you can be sure these JACHS NY chinos are as stylish as it gets. It helps that the soft stretch fabric and wide range of color options are perfect for just about any season.

Abercrombie and Fitch Straight Chinos

Abercrombie & Fitch Straight-Fit Chinos

Leave it to Abercrombie & Fitch to craft a pair of chinos that are as classic as the brand’s roots. These are the kind of chinos to wear with a crisp white T-shirt and high-top sneakers, just as your grandpa did back in the day. That combination looks just as stylish now as then.

Faherty Brand Reserve Sueded Trousers

Faherty Brand Reserve Sueded Trousers

Faherty Brand takes things to the next level with its Reserve Collection, featuring super-premium takes on classic Faherty staples like these brushed cotton chinos that are both ridiculously soft and ridiculously stylish.

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